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If you are a sexually active dude you have likely experienced the unearthly bliss of– for lack of a better, more polite term– giving you head. However, if you are a sexually active chick who has given some bomb ass head, you are less likely to have had anyone return the favor.

I’m not sure who to blame for this unfortunate phenomenon. Perhaps it is the fault of bad mainstream porn, abstinence only sex ed, the patriarchy, or Taylor Swift’s squad. Regardless, of who is responsible for the male population lacking when it comes to reciprocating oral sex, we still have a problem on our hands.

Here are several reasons you should take every opportunity to dive in face first when you find a lady in your bed:

1. She’s More Likely to Actually Have an Orgasm
I’m sure you think you’re some sort of sexual maven. Well, my dude, you’re probably not as great as you think you are. Studies show most women cannot have an orgasm from penetration alone. So unless you’re man enough to let a vibrator help you out, you are very unlikely to actually be making her cum.

When you go down on her she’s a) more likely to cum during the actual oral b) she’s more likely to cum later, since women need about 10-20 minutes of a warm up to even come close to orgasm potential.

2. You’re More Likely to Have Repeat Customers
Since guys are less likely to go down on a girl, if you put your mouth to work you’re likely to shoot straight to the top of her booty call list. You might even earn the spot as the best she’s ever had.

Plus, oral is less exhaustive than sex, can be much more intimate, and infinitely more pleasurable. Taking a break from sex to go down on her is also a great strategy to avoid finishing a little too early, which is another thing women will love.

Word of mouth moves quickly, so if you continue to go down your reputation will continue to build.

3. You’re Decreasing Your Fuq Boi Levels
There is nothing less desirable than a fuq boi. If you earn yourself a place in this deplorable category, your dating pool is likely to shrink significantly. Girls don’t like guys who don’t go down. It’s simple as that.

No girl is going to want to date ñ much less have sex with ñ a guy who refuses to go down. It makes you come off as selfish and more or less like a douche.

4. It’s Just Plain Polite
It’s one thing not to give if you don’t receive. It’s another thing to expect a girl to give you phenomenal head and not give her any in return. That’s just plain rude and arrogant. Why should you deserve such a luxury, while your lady friend is starved of oral pleasure?

5. You Might Find You Love Giving
Most men who go down on their partner actually find that they love it almost as much as receiving. Yes, it’s true. A lot of guys find nothing hotter than being up close and personal with some lady parts.

If you find yourself making excuses for why you can’t go down on a girl, you might want to consider this list. I promise you, going down on your lady friend will only make your quality of life significantly increase.

If you want more reasons on why you should go down on her, then check out the video below!