Whether this is a planned sex date or an impulsive one-night stand that is currently waiting for you in the living room, women have a tendency to do all of these things in a matter of five minutes before every interaction. Whoops, I take that back, depending on how drunk she is, she might make it through a couple of these things.

1. De-Hair :

Absolutely every piece of hair on her body is now magically gone in a matter of seconds. Even if she has to quickly dry-shave her legs in the bathroom and throw some lotion on it, ( which stings horribly by the way), to come off smooth physically and literally, she will.

If this is a planned sexy time, then she will probably get a Brazilian wax, so she doesn’t have to go through all the effort of buying new razors and dealing with that aftermath. Shaving isn’t fun, for both genders, but we make sure it’s done, so we aren’t considered a wildebeest.

2. Spray:

We want to smell yummy and taste even better, so we make sure we have that deodorant and spray, sometimes probably a little too much, all over our body and in our hair, so we have this lovely scent throughout the night.

Even if we sprayed a shit ton on ourselves before the date, we still add more on when we can to make sure it sticks, and no smell will get in our way.

3. Fresh Breath:

Either it’s a mint, gum or quick teeth brushing session but we want to make sure that we don’t have stinky alcohol breath or dinner breath. Unfortunately, there have been many times where the guy doesn’t take into consideration his breath smells like a brewery, so we do our best to have enough mintiness for the both of us.

I love making out with gum because it stays fresh the entire time especially if we have been going at it for hours and didn’t get in the way. Now if you end up going down there to do the dirty it’s probably best to throw the gum away just in case you can’t multitask or it slips out but if you can manage then keep the freshness going. All the power to you.

4. Pep Talk:

In a mirror or our heads, you best believe we are giving ourselves the biggest pep talk ever to go through whatever it is we are about to do. If our friends can’t be there, then we have to make up for all of the girl love and talk to let us know we are bad ass bitches that need to embrace our sexiness and tonight is the night to do it.

5. Pee:

This one is a little random but trust me, we always have to pee and sometimes to holding it in makes us hornier. If we hold it for too long though it can be a disaster, so it’s best, we get it out of the way, so we don’t disrupt sexytime.

Learn more about what women do before sex from the video below!