On top of the million things that we are constantly thinking about, these are just some of the thoughts we have during that rapidly come in and out of your minds within seconds. Sometimes we think these things multiple times and even end up saying it out loud because we become lost in the moment. Can you blame us? Some of you guys really know what you’re doing and others.. well at least they’re giving their best effort!

1. Oh, WOW:

Holy shit, whatever he just did felt amazing, and I wish he would never stop and keep going. There are so many times where our minds are blown with a single move or slight touch that leaves our entire body shuttering and begging for more.

You’ll be sure to hear this thought of ours thru a moan or the look on our face or grab your hair but trust me; we think this one the most.

2. Do I Look Fat?:

Depending on the position there are times where we become self-conscious and hope you don’t notice our rolls like we do. We forget to realize that our body as a whole is beautiful and should apparently radiate confidence because we are already naked so embrace it. You might see us become shy, but we are just in our head, so it’s nice when you make us comfortable or remind us how sexy we are.

3. Ouch!:

It doesn’t matter if it’s our millionth and one time having sex, it still occasionally hurts because every guy’s package differs in length and width and the way they shove it in us. Hopefully, he has some awareness to our sensitivity down there, but if not then we definitely feel the pain once we get going. Or when he miraculously decides to just take it home by forcefully pounding us with every inch of him that makes us grab the sheets, half in pain and a half in utter shock that our body could endure all of that.

I would like to say that majority of the time we are enjoying ourselves but sometimes it’s just not doing the job down there, and we aren’t as turned on as our partner, and our vagina ends up being closed for the day without your understanding.

4. He’s So Hot:

We see your efforts in pleasuring us and the way your arms are flexing, and it’s such a turn on. Even when you start sweating and you got all hot and bothered, we really admire the determination and dedication you have for us to have a happy ending.

5. Am I Moaning Too Loud?:

Sometimes we are so at the moment that we just let everything out and can’t help expressing all of our sexual emotions with reoccurring loud moans. If for some reason we come back to life and realize we are getting too crazy, we immediately start to become quieter, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying ourselves anymore.

It says a lot about your sex skills if we lose ourselves in the moans because we are actually enjoying ourselves.

Want to learn more about what women think during sex? Then, check out the video below!