Gardasil® Developer Claims Vaccine Prevents Abnormal Pap Tests, Not Cervical Cancer.

Truth About Gardasil was recently given the opportunity to ask Dr. Diane Harper some questions about the HPV vaccines, she helped create. Below you will find the first and second installments of our three part series.

Our latest segment: In this segment she states that the HPV vaccines prevent abnormal pap tests, NOT cervical cancer.
Our first in the three part series. In this segment, she discusses the use of the HPV vaccines in men and boys. Read her statement about how she feels the FDA has given merck a ” blanket approval to use Gardasil® in males and females 9-26 years old without making it clear to parents or males/females that the only data for male cancer preventions is in MSM (gay men) NOT in heterosexual men”.

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14 Responses to “Gardasil® Developer Claims Vaccine Prevents Abnormal Pap Tests, Not Cervical Cancer.”

  1. I wonder if there has ever been a case of cervical cancer where there wasn’t an abnormal pap first. Either way, an abnormal pap definitely COULD lead to cancer so its probably good it prevents those.

  2. HPV is just one strain or several that cause cervical cancer, HPV is an STD, so, yearly pap smears and Condoms are far safer then the Gardasil injections. Have you not read the article in full? I did not know anything about Gardasil going into the shots this summer with my 12 year old daughter. Did you read that the injections at over $900.00 for the 3 series is only good for 5 years at a time, which means you would have to get them again 3 more times to last until over 26 for maximum protection. My daughter now suffers from Hair loss, mouth sores, nose bleeds, stomach pains daily, multiple joint pain, She has an underlying auto immune disorder causing severe pain at times it hurts to brush her hair or use an eraser at school, not to mention all of the school she has missed due to being so sick.

    She received her first shot in May, In april she bypassed her age group in Baseball and was moved up, by the 3rd week of May she could no longer run the bases or barely hold a baseball bat. In August she received her second shot, and succomed to all of the symptoms above, including lethargy, fever, palor, and worse menstrual cycles. Anyone who has a family history or Auto immune disorder of any kind should avoid this injection., they should also get their daughter to a natural doctor and be detoxed as soon as possible, I have paid 400.00 for this service which includes DNA testing, and found a lot of relief, but of course not all damage is reversible.

    Richard, I have to wonder if you work for Merk, since this website if for support to moms of affected teens from Gardisal, why you would even post a comment on here that you did, with out being completely informed of the facts? Angela mother of 13 year old Jessie, that was severely affected by Gardisal, we filed a Vaers report twice now, and hired an injury attorney, and not because we are sue happy. the CDC and FDA have a no fault system for paying patients who have an adverse reaction to a drug that THEY approve, this is funded by taxing each vaccine 75 cents, and then paying out when the drug goes wrong, hello…

  3. [...] Never mind that the Gardisal vaccine has caused an untold amount of damage to young people, never mind the fact that these vaccines are being pushed onto minors who are not given the chance to make an informed decision… don’t believe me? Just go here to see all the official reports on the “possible” side effects that this dangerous drug has had on so many girls. It is bad enough that even mainstream pediatricians and family doctors are not administering it because even the developer himself has stated that the drug only prevents abnormal pap smears, not cervical cancer itself. [...]

  4. Angela,

    How is your daughter now? I am so sorry that she has suffered the way she has. Unfortunately, her story sounds very close to what my own daughter went through. I may have a few suggestions that can help. You can email me directly or find me on facebook. Email is and my name on facebook is Marian Hollandsworth Greene.

    Give your daughter a hug from us and know that you will both stay in our prayers.

  5. The title of this article makes no sense. it is like saying “drug X prevents abnormal troponin I tests, not heart attacks”. One is necessary for the diagnosis of the other.

  6. I’m sorry you don’t approve of the title. However, it was a direct quote from one of the developers of Gardasil.

  7. What amazes me is that OB/Gyn’s are pushing this vaccine (and yes, even Family Physicians). Just talking with my daughter’s doctor yesterday tells me that Physicians aren’t aware of these devastating cases. His exact words were, “You’re the second person I’ve heard that from today.” (His words may be a GOOD sign that the word about Gardasil is STILL getting out!) Although I was courteous enough to let the doctor have his say about this vaccine and even accepted his offer of the pamphlet about it, I was adamant that my daughter will NOT be vaccinated. On the back of the Merck brochure it says this:

    “DID YOU KNOW? 80% of women will have had genital HPV* by the time they’re 50.”

    Then below that in smaller print, “*Number represents more than 30 genital HPV types, not just Types 6, 11, 16 and 18.”

    Types 6, 11, 16 and 18 are the types that Gardasil claim to prevent. If there are MORE THAN 30 TYPES of HPV, what’s the point of Gardasil when it allegedly prevents only FOUR types?

    This tells me that those who receive this vaccine are still open to the multitude of OTHER types of HPV, not to mention the horrible affects this vaccine has had on girls/women, or even worse, DEATH. SARCASM: How on EARTH have women made it over the years before Gardasil???

    I’m over 50 and never had a physician tell me I have ANY type of HPV, let alone the types Gardasil claim to prevent. According to Merck, “80% of women by the time their 50 will have it.” You mean to tell me I’m one of the LUCKY 20%??? I seriously doubt it.

  8. Something very misleading about HPV — is the virus (and it’s various strains) that can cause cervical cancers, PID and a few other things, are always present on the male genitalia. There are approximately 17 variation present on the man. Some women are more prone to having a reaction then others, having weakened immune systems, genetic predisposition etc. The fact that this vaccine MAY prevent SOME types of HPV, (4 of dozens of strains) that can cause cervical cancer, should be a red flag to parents.

    There are still many other strains that aren’t included, as well as other issues that won’t guarantee this vaccine will prevent you from getting Cervical cancer.

    Vaccinations of all types have been linked to serious and irreprable injury to children (and adults)and this one isn’t even CLOSE to being a safeguard of any guarantee… my brother has Aspergers, due to vaccinations in infancy. I can only empathize with any parents dealing with side effects of this vaccine. I can’t believe some places are recommending this so willy-nilly.

    Doctors aren’t trained in nutrition, or extensively in pharmacology — several of the doctors in my family, have said Doctors are offered kick-backs by pharaceutical companies, as the drug reps come through to encourage them prescribing/pushing thier newest products… so just because your doc says it’s good or safe/ doesn’t mean it is.

    HPV is present in many forms almost anywhere.

  9. Last spring my daughter’s pediatrician recommended Gardasil along with her other booster shots. I was already aware of the controversy surrounding this drug and refused the vaccine. The doctor acted shocked and said, “so you don’t want to protect your daughter from cancer?” When I attempted to explain, she tried to argue with me, but I was quite firm in my position.
    Yesterday, I returned to the same office to have my daughter checked for a recent illness. We had to see a different doctor. He also pushed for the Gardasil vaccine and got argumentative when I refused.
    I am in the process of finding a new pediatric group.

  10. I’m sorry that you received such treatment, I know that is frustrating. However, I am so happy that you were informed enough to make this decision for your daughter. Good for you for being informed and doing your research!

  11. First let me say that my heart goes out to all who have been harmed by Gardasil in particular and vaccines in general. I am so sorry. And I am outraged that the agencies of our own government that are charged with protecting the public health are instead protecting the profits of the big medical players.

    Let me add that with the legal and safety standards in place these days, most vaccines are at least suspect, if not downright dangerous. If you doubt this, please google: “The Scary World Of Adjuvants”, and be prepared to be shocked.

    In my work I see people frequently whose immune systems have been badly damaged by a wide range of vaccines. And, of course, the vaccine makers are never held accountable anymore. Lastly, it is important to understand that even the inadequate safety testing that is done on vaccines does not significantly investigate what happens you they are given in combinations or in close proximity. What a darned nightmare!

    And all to make more outrageous profits for an industry that is already the most profitable in human history. I hope enough people wake up to what is being done to us and to our precious children so that these devils in human form can no longer give away their dangerous garbage, let alone sell it.

    To your great health!

    Jeff Bell

  12. kaci’s mom. the same thing from me. my daughters doctor said the same thing to me. of course i want to protect her from cancer, so that is why i will encourage her to use condoms and get a yearly pap smear. the doctor really ticked me off.

  13. My daughter was vaccinated with Gardasil before any sexual activity, as recommended.

    She has never had a normal pap smear result and now, at 24 has a cervical lesion. She is not high risk…she is a non-smoker, not promiscuous, is generally very healthy and has zero family history.

    During a very recent colposcopy where she was basically forced into a biopsy (the doctor refused to only visually investigate the lesion – no biopsy, no colposcopy) the doctor revealed that no testing is being done on these biopsies to verify what type of HPV caused the problem.

    This means, that despite having the means at their disposal to determine whether the incidence of HPV 6,11,16 & 18 has been reduced by Gardasil, they are not testing to verify whether this is the case.

    It is simply not possible that a company such as Merck would not use such information to provide proof that the vaccine works as this type of proof would only increase sales. This can only mean that the vaccine is, at best useless, at worst causing cancer and death.

    It is disgraceful. Criminal.

    Aussie Mum

  14. I took my 10 year old daughter to the Dr for a check-up and they offered gardasil. I didn’t know much about it so I decided to pass until I had a chance to research it. I’m so glad that I did, I posted if FB for other mom’s opinions discovered that I have a friend that allowed her daughter to have the vaccine and now has serious side effects. She refereed me tothis website. I’m so glad that I went with my gut feeling and didn’t get pressured into the vaccine.

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