Injuries Continued


Joelle Gonzalez ( Florida )


 My 17 year old daughter Joelle was a perfectly healthy teenager until she received the Gardasil shots. In March 09 she received the first shot and shortly after she started complaining of Stomach Pain, Nausea, Dizziness. She saw her doctor and was tested for H-pylori and the results were negative.  A few weeks passed and she was still in pain, very nauseous, dizzy and now had lost 7 pounds.  She went back to doctors same tests were done along with blood work.  This time she tested positive for H-pylori, Mono, and an Auto Immune Disorder for Scleroderma.  She was treated with antibiotics and referred to a Gastroenterologist and Reumatologist to address the Scleroderma.  Joelle received the second shot in June 09, after receiving this shot she continued to complain of the same symptoms along with Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain. The summer months were spent in bed due to the severe fatigue and pain or at doctors office.  She had an endoscopy done, CT Scan of the brain, EEG all which came back negative with no explanation for the headaches. In the fall she went back to school as usual but would come home suffering from Fatigue, with a Headache, Dizzy and Nauseous. I could not figure out why she was feeling so sick all the time but the doctor said that it was the mono and that it takes a long time to recover from it.  Not making the connection to Gardasil I took Joelle for her third and final shot of Gardasil.  Shortly after receiving the shot her symptoms got worse and was now also suffering from Tremors, Hair Loss, Muscle Weakness, Memory Loss, Poor Concentration, Menstrual Issues and showing signs of Depression.  The symptoms were so bad that she could not get out of bed to go to school some days or she would have to go in the afternoon and sometimes come home early.  In January 2010 she had more bloodwork done and again she was positive for H-pylori and  another Auto Immune Disorder for Thyroid. Again, back to the Gastroenterologist she was treated but still complained of the Stomach Pain and Nausea.  She had another Endoscopy done and a Colonoscopy to check for the source of pain as well as signs of Scleroderma but the tests came back negative. The doctor thinks that she has IBS causing her the stomach pain. Joelle lives daily with the above mentioned symptoms, she is now very depressed and hopeless due to being sick almost everyday for over a year, the lack of answers, the uncertainty of her future and disbelief that doctors show when we tell them that Gardasil is responsible for her symptoms. She has shared with me on several occasions that she is afraid that she will die from this vaccine because she feels so sick and it has made her progressively worse. Joelle is supposed to graduate high school  next year and should be looking forward to her future,  instead now she lives in fear of what the future holds for her, will she be to sick to finish school, go to college, or even live a normal life.  Parents, please educate yourself before making a decision that can change you child’s life!


Jessa Young ( Magnolia, Texas ) jessa

Our 17 year daughter received her HPV(Gardasil) vaccines back in January, March, & May of 2008. Until August of 2009 she had off and on issues of muscle and joint aches, days of fatigue, and weeks of stomach ailments. We went to the doctor several times and it was always thought to be strep, flu, viral infection, or they didn’t know. But in August 2009 everything changed. The following is a list of symptoms, different infections, and diagnoses as of today; anxiety, shaking, dizziness, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, sometime numbness in arms and legs, emotional issues, brain fog, short term memory or confusion, stomach aches, gastro burning and pain, frequent diarrhea, eye infection, pupil dilation, acne and skin and hair issues, menstrual cycle changes, discharge changes, depression, and fatigue. She has been to her pediatrician, gastro specialist, psychiatrist, arthritis specialists, and Texas Children’s Emergency Room. Had all kinds of blood, urine, and stool labs. Has had x-rays, CT Scan, and Echo Cardiogram, and now is scheduled for a Endoscope. So far been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, GBS, and Gastroparesis, and possible ulcers. Missed over 20 days of school and had at least 15 different appointments in the last 4 months. Our daughter is a senior in high school. Was very active and happy go lucky planning her future and now some days she can’t even get out of bed. Days she can’t wash her hair or up a bottle of pills. She is not our daughter. After 17 years I know that something has happened and I know she is sick. There are too many similarities in all these cases for us not to wonder about the Gardasil vaccine. I just want answers and I just want my daughter back.
I want for her to live a long, healthy, happy life like I prayed for everyday since she was born, actually before she was born I prayed for that. I want her to have a future and go to college, be a wife and mother and there are so many uncertainties right now we just take it day by day. She says that most days she is a 17 year old trapped in the body of a 70 year old. We pray for Jessa and all of these sick girls to recover and live long, heathly, happy lives.


Felicia Smith  ( Maine ) felicia smith

My name is Connie Smith, I am the mother of Felicia Smith.  Felicia was vaccinated with Gadasil in the month of February 2009. ( Lot # 0388U. ) At the checkout counter, she said “mom I don’t feel good.” I said you’ll be okay. She then said “can I hold on to you”. Before I could grab her she went back, fell to the ground.  I was petrified.  It took a few min. to come to.  I asked the nurse, is this normal.  What the heck is going on? The nurse told me, “no, it’s not normal.”  She was the first to faint.  The nurse continued to tell me that Felicia was just nervous. (Felicia has ALWAYS been nervous about shots but she has never passed out before Gardasil).  We left the office and she continued to say that she felt dizzy and not well.  I was scared.  We both agreed that she would NOT go back for the other two shots.  That night she had the strangest thing happen to her.  She said when she went to bed about an hour or two later she woke up to feeling dizzy, she can barely explain the episode.  She kept sitting up and she said she wanted to call out to me but she couldn’t.  Felicia said her room kept spinning and she couldn’t get to sleep. She was so scared she didn’t know what was happening to her. This lasted about a half hour to an hour.  Felicia started having these strange unexplained episodes. They started in the car when she would be driving. She would tell me that she would feel dizzy, sick to her stomach, felt out of it, her hand would go numb and then feel extremely exhausted. This would last about 3 to 6 min. They would happen about 2 to 3 times a week.  This unexplained episode started happening all the time. In class, at the store, on the weekend, and therhyme or reason to what time or day it would happen.  She has continued to feel like crap, tired, belly pain, back pain, head and behind the eye pain. She doesn’t look well at all.  It wasn’t until more unexplained things were happening that I started researching.  Because when we went back to the doctors and I said I really believe that Gardasil is the cause, they all told us there is no connection.  Now why do some girls have adverse side effects and others don’t, I can’t find the connection. But I have to tell you, please do the research, there is NOTHING good about Gardasil.  We don’t know the long term side effects of it.  Oh by the way Merck, the maker of Gardasil, doesn’t either.


McKenzie Bear ( Ohio ) macbear-150x150


 My daughter McKenzie received her first Gardasil injection near the end of June 2008. We had been to the doctor a few times in the months previous due to a sports injury during which they recommended the vaccine. By the second week in July she was very sick with flu like symptoms. This continued for weeks on end. By early August she had lost over 15 pounds. The doctors insisted this had nothing to do with the vaccine and they would have continued with the Gardasil series. Something just told me it made no sense to vaccinate an ill child and we never proceeded. I firmly believe our story may be one of those on the memorial page had we done that.

Nausea 24 hours a day, 7 days a week progressed to include pain throughout her body, intense fatigue and weakness – sometimes to the point that she could barely walk unassisted and crawled up the steps. Later she dealt with severe migraines, painful skin lesions, trouble with short term memory, lack of menstruation, numbness and tingling in her extremities, seizures and partial loss of consciousness. We were to every kind of specialist there is and no one could find a cause for her symptoms. A few said it might be related to the vaccine, but all said it could never be proven. No one, had real answers for how to help her.
Kenzie missed her entire freshman year of high school. After eight months spent mostly in bed, only faith and prayer brought her back to functional life again. She returned to school in the fall of 2009, but still struggles with continuing fatigue, migraines, and reoccurring skin lesions kept at bay only while she is on a continuous anti-viral medication. Recently, she developed a very large ovarian cyst that so compromised her left ovary that it had to be removed, along with the cyst, in open surgery.
Prior to all of this my daughter was the picture of health – a vibrant, active, athletic teen. She received the Gardasil vaccine and her life became a nightmare …
Zeda Pingel ( Hammond, Indiana )
My now 14yr old Daughter has always been a healthy, active and straight A student. On 11/5/08 during a routine physical, she received her 1st dose of Gardasil. The following week she complained of headaches & felt tired. On 11/29/08 she had a headache and stayed in bed all day. She got up that afternoon & had 2 seizures. She was rushed to the ER. Her condition became critical after she lost all motor skills & became unresponsive. She was life flight to Riley’s Hospital in Indianapolis. She spent 4 months in the PICU. Her condition remained critical. She was put on a ventilator & feeding tube. She also had uncontrollable movements, extremely high heart rate (up to180 bpm), high fevers including 1 that was 108.7 degrees, she remained in a medical induced coma. She was given extensive testing and the ONLY result we do have is that she has Encephalitis. That is a viral infection with a shadow on the left side of the brain. All of the testing that has been done show negative for any illness or diseases. We are still unsure if she will come out of this. This has been completely devastating to our family. We have no answers from doctors. Even though we know in our hearts that this was a side effects from Gardasil. I don’t know if the doctors will ever fully admit it. We are left to watch and wait.
I now care for her at home with help from home health nursing. She is now able to move a few fingers. She can NOW turn her head when you are talking to her. She was taken off the ventilator on 8/28/08. She is still bedridden. We can not find a doctor that is willing to help my daughter. They have said that they’ve done all they can do. So 9 months later we are no closer to having a prognosis for her.
I am more than willing to discuss this & get the word out. No family should have to go through what mine has been through. Parents MUST know the risk BEFORE they CHOOSE to give their daughters this vaccine.
Caleigh Miller
Caleigh Miller ( Indiana )
Written by Lydia Miller, Caleigh’s Mom

I am the Mom of a beautiful, 15-yr-old girl who, up until recently, was healthy and very well-adjusted. She attended high school, was a great student, was involved in marching band and our church youth group until a few weeks ago. We were a typical, average family–Mom, dad, son, daughter, dog and a cat.  I am a school social worker and my husband also works for the school system in IT.  We are active in our community and church and have a wonderful support system of family and friends.  Up until a few weeks ago, we were just a “normal” family–not perfect, but, a happy, busy, “normal” family.

Since August, our daughter, Caleigh, has had 5 ER visits and one hospitalization.  She began experiencing headaches, dizzy spells and achy, shaky legs within days of receiving the first shot of the Gardasil vaccine on July 30, 2009.  We attributed these symptoms to a mild concussion she received as a result of an accident at a church youth retreat on Aug 1st. On Aug. 3rd, she began marching band camp at her high school, but had so many headaches and dizzy spells, the doctor advised her to rest for one week (due to the concussion). During the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August, she continued to complain of headaches, dizzy spells, leg issues and fatigue/exhaustion.  We didn’t think much of it at the time–just chalked it up to the rigors of marching band camp, the heat, and dehydration.

Caleigh began school on August 24, and the symptoms continued.  On Oct. 2nd, she began having “episodes” which included numbness and tingling of her legs and feet, fainting and hyperventilation.  We went to our family doctor (he noted she had low blood pressure for the first time ever)and an urgi center over the weekend.  The next week her “episodes” became worse and the school nurse called the EMS.  We were in the ER 3 times in a 24 hr. period.  On Thursday, Oct. 5th, she had a seizure.  My sister, a nurse manager at a local hospital happened to be visiting and recognized the symptoms.  We rushed Caleigh to the hospital where she seized for hours and was admitted to the PICU.

To make a very long story short, during her 5 day stay at the hospital, Caleigh had a CT scan, MRI, EKG, numerous lab draws and a video EEG.  The neurologists told us they were non-epileptic seizures and, that she most definitely had experienced a horrible psychological trauma within the past few weeks to have caused such extreme psychosomatic symptoms.  Some of the hospital
personnel encouraged us to ignore her “episodes” and get psych. help immediately.  My husband and I were absolutely stunned.  At that time, she was having about a dozen seizures daily, some of which lasted up to an hour. They were so violent, the hospital personnel thought she had broken her foot and hand during one of her episodes.

We have retraced her every move and evaluated all “stressors” in her life for the past few months.  We have consulted with a well-known local psychologist and have met with a psychiatrist.  Both have come up “empty” thus far and concur that she is a well-adjusted child. Caleigh is currently unable to attend school due to the seizures. We have also met with a pediatric neurologist in Indianapolis who is prescribing anti-seizure meds. with some success.  Caleigh has experienced fewer seizures and they are less intense at the present time.  Other symptoms/side effects Caleigh has experienced include:  temporary hearing and vision loss, paralysis, abdominal pain, temporary droopy left eye and swelling on left side of face, orthostatic intolerance, fluctuation of blood pressure, pain in her legs and feet, rash, apnea, and fatigue. 


Ashley Bourgault ( Maine ) ashleybinjdoc

I had always been a pretty healthy teenager with the exception of a few asthma attacks every year, which were usually mild and easy to treat.  I was in school and sports and always active.  With me, there was never a down moment.  I went out with my friends, was involved in Mentoring a preschool,I worked my winters in a horse barn, feeding, watering, walking, grooming, and cleaning a horse barn, I was also involved in horse back riding. In the Summer when school ended and the horse barn had more help I  had a Summer job at an amusement park that I loved more than anything.  There never seemed to be a dull moment and I was never down.

When I was 18 my mom and I talked about a shot called Gardasil and we thought that it might be a great idea since we have a big family history of Cervical Cancer.  Any shot that prevents cancer must be a good one, right? We never bothered to look up the effects or studies of the drug.  This is the biggest thing I regret. 

We went to my primary care doctor in October of 2008  and decided to talk to her about Gardasil.  She mentioned that with our history, it would be a great idea.  She said a nurse would grab me to give me the shot.  Neither her nor the doctor told us of any side effects or things to look out for.    As soon as I was stuck by the needle and she began pushing the medication in, I felt an intense pain through my arm and chest so bad that it took my breath away.  I also immediately felt dizzy and said that I felt like passing out.  The nurse told me to relax and told me that I should not fear needles at my age.  I did not have a fear of needles at all and pain never really made me feel like this before, but I relaxed.    The nurse let me up right after she put a band aid over the injection site and I got up with my mothers help and left to go home.  My arm hurt badly and I still felt dizzy and very drained of energy, so I went home and slept.   Over the next few days we started noticing random muscle twitches that would make my body jump and that I had started to faint more often.  We thought it could be because of my anxiety and new anxiety medication, but bought it up to my doctor anyway.  She put me on Ativan and told me to go to to a councilor,  so we did.    We started to notice my stomach was hurting constantly after a meal and that I was beginning to vomit on an almost daily basis.  I also did not have energy to do much of anything and my legs always hurt.

In January of 2009 we went for the second shot and the pain and fainting feelings all came back again, but worse.  I blacked out but did not completely pass out.  The nurse had me sit for a moment and insured us that it was normal to feel this way.  We went home and I slept the rest of the day, once again feeling drained of my energy.  1 day after the 2nd shot I came down with a “stomach flu” and spent the next 48 hours vomiting every half hour to hour.  I became extremely dehydrated and the dizzy feeling never went away. The muscle twitches became worse as did the fainting spells.  I would wake up often in the night and not be able to sleep, yet be exhausted and not have the energy to do much and always wanted to sleep during the day.   We thought it could just be a bout of Mono and had blood work done, which showed that I could have had it in the recent past but that it was not currently in my body.  The doctor told us to take it easy and rest as much as possible so I followed her advice.  She also upped my anti anxiety medication and upped the dosage of Ativan to help the “anxiety” that was causing the muscle twitching, even though I was never feeling anxious.  My doctor insisted that because I had just turned 19 that it was just anxiety about growing up.

In May 17th, 2009 I went out with friends and we went for a drive.  The driver of the car lost control in a graveyard at 11 at night and crashed our car head on into a tree at 60 MPH.  Everyone was ok, except me.  I broke my back in two places and was admitted to the hospital.  The muscle twitches turned into violent full body jerks and the nurses reported it to a neurologist who told me to get referred to a neurologist by my primary doctor for an EEG.  We had to wait until June to talk to my primary doctor because we had to keep up with a neurosurgeon who preferred us to wait for the EEG because I was on narcotic pain medication due to the broken back.  On June 5th, 2009 we went to my primary care doctor who referred us to a local neurologist, and also set me up to have my last Gardasil shot.  I was on a pill form of morphine and since my body was numb to pain, I did not feel any pain when the injection was given, however my head felt heavy, my heart started to race, and I once again blacked out.  The nurse did not make me sit after the shot, she sent me home, where I slept again.  The twitching became worse and more violent, to the point that it would wake me up making me scream in pain due to the back.  My parents became concerned when it was happening very violently in my sleep and I would stop reacting to anything around me. 

On a warm Summer day on June 5th, my mom decided to take me to lay out on the beach.  As we laid on the beach I had appeared to have fallen asleep but started shivering very violently despite the heat.  My mother tried to wake me but I did not wake up.  The “shivering” continued for several minutes before I came still and woke up about 15 minutes later.  I woke up not knowing where I was and had a huge headache and felt very sleepy.  My mom took me home and rested with me the rest of that day, where I had two more episodes like that in my sleep throughout that night. 

The next day my parents noticed that the twitching was worse and was effecting my ability to do anything and were insisting on taking me to the ER right then and there.  I kept insisting that it was pointless because they’d just say it was my anxiety.  I started feeling dizzy and sleepy so I laid down again and preceded to go into a very violent Grand Mal seizure.  My parents called 911 and I woke up in the hospital feeling very groggy and sore with oxygen over my face and a heart monitor making alarm sounds.     I was admitted to the hospital’s critical care unit and put on a video EEG monitor.  That day I had 15 Grand Mal seizures, the next day I had 20 Grand Mal seizures, the day after that I had 21 Grand Mal’s, then the day they released me I had 31 Grand Mals.  They told us the EEG was normal and that these were for attention and had a psychological source and that we needed to go talk to a psychologist.  We did not accept this, but they insisted it could be PTSD from the car accident.

All through June and July the seizures occurred anywhere from 5 times a day to 20 times a day.  I would stop breathing and become violently ill and also unresponsive from anywhere up to 2 hours after a seizure.  The muscle twitching was violent and nonstop.  I could not remember anything or think straight and could not hold a conversation.  I never ever remembered these seizure events or anything to do with them and often bit my tongue, got sick during them, or lost my bladder during them.  The neurologist refused to put me on medication even after seeing a psychologist who insisted that these were not psychological.   From June to mid August I had been hospitalized 3 times and in the ER a total of 15 times due to seizures that threatened my life.

In August the back brace came off and my back was declared healed, though healed wrong.  We celebrated by going to Six Flags. I proceeded to have a seizure on a roller coaster and started having them back to back to back.  911 was called and I was admitted to a hospital in Springfield Massachusetts.  Dr. House was my treating neurologist and suggested that we get referred to Boston, Mass, to have special seizure testing done.. He was concerned that there was something going on in the frontal lobes of my brain.  When I was released from Springfield about a week later we asked my neurologist to referrer us to Boston, which he refused to do, insisting it was a waste of time and money and that these were purely psychological in nature.

I began having different type of seizure episodes.  I would have the full on Grand Mal seizures, as well as staring absence seizures, then also what they call Complex Partial episodes where I would be staring and unresponsive but picking at my cloths, or twitching, or slightly shaking.

From August through September the seizures cut down to 2 to 5 of them a day.  I had not gone one day since June without a seizure.  In September, on a day I was feeling pretty good, I went out to the beach with my twin brother and we decided to get food at a place on Main St.  I proceeded to have 2 back to back violent Grand Mal seizures and stopped breathing.  Police gathered and someone called 911.  I wound up in the hospital again, for a week and 2 days.  My neurologist set up for us to go to Boston and have the testing done just so we would stop ending up in the hospital there. He argued about it saying it was a waste of our time and money still.  We were desperate to get these seizures to stop.

In October we were sent to Mass General Hospital and put in the neurology unit hooked to an EEG for 4 days.  They noticed that my EEG was not normal even at baseline, with random spikes in my sleep and random bilateral misfiring in my frontal lobes.  It was odd because my neurologist was saying that all my EEG’s before then were completely normal, and now here I was, facing a completely abnormal EEG.  I was told by the neurologist at MGH to start taking Keppra 500MG twice a day, then up it to 1,000MG twice a day a week later.  They set us up to come back to be admitted to the Epilepsy Unit at the hospital for a week 5 weeks later. 

We were released from MGH and I went to my neurologist 4 weeks later, who said that he still thought that the seizures were psychological and that he didn’t want me on the seizure medications, but he upped the dosage to 1,500MG a day.  I started going 1 to 3 days between a seizure, but would still have times where I’d have them daily. 

November 10th we were admitted to the Epilepsy Unit at Mass General where we had a very high tech EEG set up.  They hospitalized me for two weeks and kept an eye on my EEG which was still very abnormal.  I had many muscle twitches which are now being called Myoclonic seizures.  

The Keppra is now up to 2,000MG twice a day.   As of current, the seizures still occur a few times a week but once in a while I get a break and only have one seizure in two weeks, though that is rare.  My neurologist is still refusing to admit Gardasil has anything to do with this and even though the EEG’s are abnormal and the other doctors in Boston say different, he says it’s all psychological.  He tried to tell us that he thinks the doctors in Boston are looking too hard for something to be wrong and in doing so they are calling normal things abnormal, but that is not at all the case.

On top of the seizures going on  I have also had stomach problems and have a hard time keeping down meals.  I have back spasms, neck pain, headaches, migraines, a fast heart rate, low blood pressure, leg pain, weakness, I’m always tired and seem to have no appetite anymore.  My immune system has gone to trash and I come down with every virus that is around.  I have an auto immune disorder that is newly diagnosed. The seizure disorder is not yet diagnosed but we know they are not psychological now and will keep on with the seizure medication treatment and visit the neurologist and Epitologist often.  I have had trouble with my eye site often and still have black out episodes and fainting spells.. There is also brain fog and confusion that goes along with all this.

I have been in the ER a total of 45 times and hospitalized 7 times in a total of a little under 6 months.

I am keeping faith that God uses my story to get out to other parents and other girls effected by this horrible vaccine and also that it prevents others from being damaged by it.  I have faith that I will one day be healed through Him and that He will guide the doctors hands into realization of how much damage this vaccine is causing.

 Lauren Shortnacy  ( Georgia ) Lauren Shortnancy

Our experience with Gardasil… After reading the pamphlet on Gardasil and hearing all the “one less” ads, out 16 year old decided to get the vaccination.

We consulted our family practice doctor. He encouraged her and said he would be recommending it to his 21 year old daughter. That was February 2007. She had her first shot. April 2007 she had her second shot.

July 2007 we visited the family practice with a complaint of extreme fatigue. Thought maybe she was anemic. Nope, not anemic, but a teeny bit of elevation in the white blood count. Doc and I both chalk it up to a bug. Late August 2007 she received her third and last shot. Since July, she continues to be tired, but we blame the teenager in her, the internet and the cell phone.

November 2007 family in town for the Thanksgiving holidays. Lauren has a slight sore throat and swollen lymph nodes (still tired). I don’t want her to get others sick so we visit the “doc in the box.” Diagnosis: a bug. Treatment: antibiotics just in case. The rest of the story seems a whirlwind.

The nodes never really shrank; she continued to be tired and began itching horribly. Mostly below the knees, but also everywhere else. No rash, just itching. We made several trips between December and February 20th to the doctor. She was checked for strep, mono, cat scratch fever (yes, it really is a disease).

Meanwhile, Hal and I are at home every evening on the internet. Our diagnosis: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

This is FINALLY confirmed on February 20th of 2008. Between early December and late February, her white blood count climbed, her nodes swelled and she scratched her legs bloody. There was an ultrasound (two) and a biopsy. The ultrasound said it was a brachial cleft cyst (not a big deal). The second ultrasound said, “mmm, maybe not.” The biopsy was diagnosed as “reactive” Means it was an infection, not lymphoma (aka cancer). We were, needless to say, thrilled. Meanwhile, we still have a swollen, tired, itchy bleeding teen. We went to an infectious disease doctor (he’s our hero). He said he didn’t have to see the biopsy to know that it was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He recommended another biopsy, different pathologist. Instead, the first lymph node was sent to the Mayo Clinic. They FINALLY, on February 20th, diagnosed her with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She had approximately 6 months of chemotherapy at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Met some SPECIAL people and lives today to tell about it (although she doesn’t often).

So, you ask why I think Gardasil had something to do with it. Here are the reasons: 1. Perfect timing, 2. Hodgkin’s is a disease of the immune system. Vaccinations, basically, tease the immune system. 3. Lauren had not been sick prior to getting cancer. Her immune system was on “edge” always. 4. When she had a cocktail of viruses injected, her immune system went nuclear 5. Gardasil was “fast tracked” for approval. (The final safety study is not due in to FDA until September 2009.) 6. Gardasil was clinical trialed against a placebo containing aluminum, not saline (aluminum can give skewed adverse results)

I have since met approximately 20 other girls who can tell you the exact same story about their experience with Gardasil.


Ashlee Smith ( Vidor, Texas )  ashleeinjdoc

Ashlee was not quite 15 when she received her first and last shot.  She was given a clean bill of health the day she got the shot.  Within 20 minutes she was so sick.  She began vomiting, shaking, experiencing migraine headaches, numbness, fatigue and high fever.  She literally slept for 4 days.  I had specifically asked that doctor if Gardasil had adverse effects.  She lied, no.  Even when I called her and told her of Ashlee’s reaction, she still refused to say it was from the poison labeled, Gardasil.  She was frustrating to deal with.  Then we discovered that she was just the first of many.
Thank God Ashlee pulled out of the debilitating fatigue, we thank God for that daily, but she still vomits every day.  For SIX MONTHS now, she vomits almost every meal!  What do the doctor’s say?  They say that she is bulimic and I am in denial. Bulimics don’t cry that they didn’t make it to the bathroom at school and everyone saw them vomit.  Bulimics don’t scream, “Pull over!” on an interstate.  Bulimics don’t wish that they would never have gotten that shot!  She has undergone every test imaginable…at 15 years old!
Each test, of course, has returned normal.  She was hospitalized after 4 weeks of vomiting with stomach pain.  She was diagnosed with PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) which causes sterility, or makes her a, now, high risk for tubal pregnancies.(And for the record, she tested negative 3 times for the STD’s that normally cause this horrible disease.)   She’s had ovarian cyst and her periods and now coming twice per month and are horrible.  She went from being active in her school in cheer leading, soccer, soft ball, student council, Honor roll and straight “A”s her entire life. She was bright, funny, happy and just plain vibrant.  Now?  She is depressed and talks about giving up.  (can you even imagine how that makes a mom feel?)  She is making the first “C”s of her life and she hurts all the time.  She is now “One Less”.  Don’t put your daughter or yourself in that category!  It isn’t worth the risk. I have heard others say that “their daughter” didn’t have any side effects.  Well, MINE DID!

Karly Lowe  ( Utah ) karlyloweinjdoc

My name is KarlyAnn!  I am one of thousands of girls who have fallen as a victim to the vaccination: Gardasil.  This, as well as any other drug has adverse side effects, only with a much more devastating outcome.  The symptoms are basically any neurological problems you can think of!  Now, the reason for this vaccine is to help prevent Girls from getting Cervical Cancer; which, actually has several strands- and Gardasil can only prevent one of them, the one that is caused by an STD known as HPV (the Human Papiloma Virus).  If I would have known this, I would have had no chance of getting cancer- I’m not sexually active!  Along with many girls, my doctor strongly suggested I get it.  So I did!  Bad idea!  I am now suffering the effects along with thousands of others in my same position.  Unfortunately, some have already passed away.

I wouldn’t have ever thought my sickness would have originated from a series of shots, but a friend, Tracey, saw me my flaring symptoms and talked to us about how her best friend’s niece died.  She was one of the many victims who have passed away from the Gardasil vaccination.  After our conversation, my parents and I started researching the different adverse reactions girls all around the world are having from Gardasil.  It made us sick!  The hardest part of reading the stories, was to know the pain and suffering was being caused a pharmaceutical company, Merck.  It was so strange, all the stories were the exact same.  Almost copied.  I could have written all those myself.  It’s amazing how everyone’s symptoms are identical, and how their diagnoses are the same- a Conversion Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  And yet, researching those, we saw that all cases are different, not one case is the same.  We are all being told we are mentally ill to cover up the damage being done by this horrible vaccine.

In January of 2008, I got the first shot.  Soon after, I started getting flu type symptoms: ie. Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, and horrible stomach pains and horrid head aches.  Some stronger symptoms I had, which were new to me, were sudden loss of consciousness, and extreme irritability (though my sister says I‘ve always been irritable!).  I had an Ultrasound to check my abdomen and pelvic areas of the body because of the severe pain I was suffering, everything came back completely normal.  I was getting so sick, I had to leave for work early almost on a daily basis, if I even made it to work at all.  Luckily, my boss was very understanding.

In April of 2008, I got the second shot and I started having seizures.  Thank goodness only starring episodes, and not full on convulsions.  Unfortunately though, most the girls do end up having convulsions.  But, this is when the neurological symptoms began: ie. Seizure activity, blurry vision, loss of vision, double vision, loss of balance, hallucinations, heat and light sensitivity, left arm going numb and feeling tingly, and severe chest and stomach pains- along with really bad head and back aches.  Now, I am luckier than most.  Some girls started getting the neurological symptoms after the first shot, not second.  Working at this point was almost impossible.  I was constantly sick!  I moved out of my apartment and back in with my parents for help and support.  My parents have been truly amazing through all of this!!!

Shortly after, my pains grew worse, and I went in for more Ultrasounds and blood work, and sure enough- nothing was found.  In June of 2008, I was so sick I called my cousin, Katie, to help me.  My eyes were blurry, my head was racing, I was having hallucination after hallucination, I was un-responsive for quite a while, and my body kept twitching all over.  Katie called 911, and they told her over the phone it sounds like an over-dose.  Before they even arrived to my house, they had their mind made up, and nothing could change that.  However, when the blood work was run, there were no drugs in my system.  Go figure!  While in the ER, my heart would not stop racing.  They found SVT (an irregular heart arrhythmia) and they couldn’t slow my pace down, so they hospitalized me.  I had several tests run during my 4 days there in Room #311.  Some of the tests were: Hidascans, CT scans, MRIs, EEGs, and blood tests.  Once again, nothing was found except the SVT.  My general practitioner kept telling my mom that I am extremely sick but he doesn’t know why. 

In October of 2008, I had my third shot.  At this point in time, I had no clue the Gardasil series was behind all my sickness.  Within a couple days, I was back in for an MRI and C-spine exam, along with more blood tests.  And of course, nothing.  I started feeling worse and worse as the weeks went on.  I seemed normal for the most part, but I had days that I just felt I couldn’t even get out of bed.  I constantly had headaches and stomach cramps, and I just sort of got used to it.  I had no energy, which made it really hard to really do much of anything. 

In December of 2008, the real concerns began.  I love to sing and dance!  That’s it!  That’s what I live for!  I was in a performing group called “Inspiration” it is the LDS Institute of Religion Show Choir.  We were doing our Christmas concert, and I collapsed and had a seizure right on stage.  That was honestly the most embarrassing moment of my entire life.  It was bad enough that people knew about my condition, but then it was something entirely new to feel like everyone was starring at me!  I was unconscious for a little while.  I was carried off the stage by my dad and my good friend, Nick.  This was the first time my body had visible twitching, I’d felt it many times before, but it was all interior.  My face had muscle spasms for 4 hours.  The vision was off and on, I couldn’t carry a conversation, my speech was slurred and mumbled, I was miserable!  There are things I don’t remember though- so my parents have filled the gaps of my memory.  They were even ready to take me to the ER, but the hospital said there was no Neurologist on site and it wouldn’t do any good.  So, we waited it out.  I have had bad memory loss and a hard time staying focused ever since. 

In February of 2009, I was diagnosed with Severe Hypoglycemia, almost Diabetic.  Now I have to check my blood several times a day to be sure I am with in the correct limits.  It should be in the 90’s, but I am all over the board.  I have had as low as 24 (coma level) and as high as 391 (Diabetic level).  This, for the most part, explains the problems with my random cravings, my extreme fatigue, and my moodiness.  Though, there were still problems we couldn’t find answers to.  At this point, I was a regular at the doctors office.  Everyone there knows me by name, in fact we are great friends now!

In April of 2009, is when I had the worst problem of all.  This is extremely personal, but in order to help other girls like me, I’m willing to admit it.  I lost control of my bladder and bowels.  I would pee and poo my pants with no control what so ever.  No warning, just suddenly it would happen, and I would start to bawl.  I am 22 years old.  I should not have to have these problems!!  Thank goodness it doesn’t happen often.  It has only happened a few times.  Over the next few months, I was constantly sick.  Same old, same old.  I was sleeping as much as 17 hours a day. 

In June of 2009, everything escalated horribly!  I woke up one morning, went to go to the bathroom and fell hard to the floor.  I had no use of my legs what so ever!  I was paralyzed.  I started screaming bloody murder!  Like you would not even imagine!!  My mom was out of town, and so dad came in, held me for a bit, and then dragged me into the living room and put me on the couch.  I was in tears for ever it seemed!  The days were long from then on.  I went into the doctors office, again!  He sent me up to the University of Utah research hospital.  I was diagnosed with a Conversion Disorder.  I actually died on the way there…  I came back after few minutes, though I was still completely out of it.  I’m not sure what happened, I really don’t remember all that much to be honest.  I just remember all my pain going away, every ounce!  Even my emotions were at ease.  It was the most peaceful I have ever felt in the history of my lifetime!!  Then when I came back, all the pain came back.  My mom was hysterical and screaming, and it was a very hard day!  No- it was a very hard month!

In July of 2009, I was in a wheelchair with no speech.  I could talk, but it wasn’t understandable in the least.  Luckily my visiting teacher was a speech pathologist, so that helped immensely!  I was bedridden for the most part, sleeping constantly and maybe be awake for 4 hours, if that.  I was in coma states repeatedly!  I couldn’t even blink.  I had no control over my body what so ever.  I could think and hear, but I couldn’t do anything with my body.  My brain just wasn’t functioning.  I even starting retaining water.  I had random sacks of gush.  My back had boobs bigger than my front!  Closer to the end of the month, I started gagging all the time.  As if I had to throw up, but nothing would come out.  I mean sometimes I would actually vomit, but most the time I was just gagging and choking. 

In August of 2009, my parents decided to take me to the Mayo Clinic.  My mom and I went, along with my sister and niece.  I spent a grueling week going through out-patient testing for hours and hours a day.  Several of them were painful, painful exams!  They decided after that week to admit me into the hospital as an in-patient.  I got to know Room #503 very well!  After a few days, and no new news, I was ready to go home and fight it on my own.  I signed the necessary papers and checked myself out, despite the doctors wishes.  The only thing we found out, with all this testing, was that my ANA count was at a 2.3- which is a red-flag for Lupus.  Which, ironically, I have been being tested for from the beginning of the sickness.  It can take many years to diagnose, and at least now the levels have elevated. 

After coming home, my dad talked to a friend who owns an herbal remedy store, and asked if there was anything we might try.  He suggested a “DeTox” which is an herbel Blood Cleanser.  It takes the bad toxins out of the blood, which would be a great idea considering the ingredients in Gardasil.  Gardasil is full of Aluminum, Mercury, Sodium Borate* aka: Roach Killer, and many more damaging ingredients.  Dad said we have nothing to lose, so lets give it a try!  And we did.  The first 3 days kicked my butt!!  I was sicker than a dog!  I was throwing up and having diarrhea like crazy!!!!  (Thank goodness I could control my bowels at this point in time!)  It was then I understood what it means by “flushing it from your system”  Yikes!  But after the first 3 days, I felt great!  If you want to try them, contact Kevin at “”

It is now almost Christmas 2009, and though I have improved immensely, I know the Gardasil journey isn’t over!  I know I will have episodes off and on, but at least it isn’t 24/7 like it was before.  I’m grateful for the cooler weather so I can go outside again!  I couldn’t go in the heat because it would throw me into a relapse within minutes.  I hope this helps you other girls that are suffering!  It’s hard to talk about, I know!  My parents are practically forcing me to even do this much.  However, it’s been really nice being able to talk with those who understand, especially my new really great friend, Kristin!  Let’s pray we can get this vaccination off the market somehow, so we can protect innocent and healthy girls in the future!

Alexis Wolfe  ( New Mexico ) alexiswolfeinjdoc

 In the spring of 2007 Alexis was a very happy, shy, and well adjusted 13 year old young lady. She is diabetic and was using the insulin pump at the time. We had planned on sending her to Hamburg Germany to spend part of the summer with her grandparents. Her doctors agreed she could go because she was very resposnible. She had worked very hard and achieved honor roll at school.

In March of 2007 I took Alexis to see her Pediatrician for a well check up before her trip to Germany. That is when Alexis recieved her first Gardisil injection. Alexis asked for it to be given in her leg because she prefered shots in her leg. We did not notice any side effects at that point….Because gardisil is a 3 part injection we had to return to the doctors office right before Alexis left on her trip, for the 2nd injection in June of 2007. Again there were no immediate side effects. A couple weeks later she left for Germany. While she was in Germany most everything went well. Her grandparents said she did act a little strange and out of character for her, but nothing they thought to be too serious.

When Alexis arrived back home from her trip, I noticed that she did not experience jett lag like we all had the last we all went to Germany. Also I thought it was odd that she didn’t (or couldn’t) cry when she was told that our 12 yr old dog had passed away while she was gone. She had always been a very sensitive child. As time went on more and more strange behavior very unlike Alexis was happening. She was getting in trouble at school and was unable to concentrate or retain anything she learned in school. I was taking her to every kind of doctor I could think of. Every test that was done came back normal. Things progressivly got worse. At this point her personality had changed 100%. She would go through bits of rage and she would scream at me and call me names and tell me how much she hated me and our family. She said she wanted to be taken to an orphanage and be addopted by another family. At this point doctors and school staff were telling me that Alexis was acting out and testing her boundries. I argued with all of them. I knew there had to be something medical going on, although doctors and the school were not listening to me. She would have what looked like huge panic attacks…her heart would pound so hard you could see her chest moving.

By January 2008 I had taken her in to see her pediatrician again and she was given the 3rd shot in the gardisil series. Things got much worse. Two weeks later we were back at her Pediatricians office…she had lost 5 lbs in a week and was throwing up a lot and was not sleeping AT ALL. The doctor sent us to Presbyterian hospital. Alexis was admitted in and spent the next 4 days getting blood tests, an MRI And a CT scan. Everything came back normal. I was told (once again) that nothing medical was wrong with my daughter. They sent her to Kaseman Behavioral Unit. There she was treated like an animal. They put her on all kinds of antipshchotic medications, none of which helped her sleep or stoped the vomiting. After 5 day of being there They sent Alexis home. That day she was not able to keep food down and she did not sleep at all that night.

The next day we were able to get her into the Childrens Psychaiatric Hospital at UNMH. They noticed right away that Alexis was not going through behavioral issues but they agreed to take her. The psychiatrist noticed right away that she might be having seizures. An EEG was done and they found out she was in fact having seizures.

Alexis spent the next 6 months at UNMH and Carie Tingley. They did every medical test on her that they could come up with. Everything came back normal. They did determine that she suffered brain damage because of the seizures. She now is testing at about a 4th grade level and still to this day is unable to attend school. She has seizure activity every day and night, almost constant. She is in constant pain and no medication seems to help.

In 2009 she spent 4 days in Presbyterian hospital for high heart rate and super high blood pressure. All test came back normal….In November I took her to Barrows Neuro in Phoenix. She spent 6 days attached to an EEG machine and under went another MRI. All the doctors were baffled and don’t know what to do. Her Neurologist is very experienced and has never seen anything like Alexis is going through…..there is no other explanation for what has happend to Alexis other than GARDASIL!!! It must be stopped!


Holly Runstrom  ( North Carolina )hollyinjdoc

My daughter, Holly was 16 at the time of her one and only dose of Gardasil. She recieved it on May 22, 2008. Two days later, she woke up feeling like she was having an allergy attack. By the third day, she woke up unable to breathe and thought she may have an asthma attack coming on and started taking preventitive medications, to keep it from getting any worse. However, the next day when she woke up, on top of having breathing issues, she started having chest pains. We took her to the emergency room where they ran all the tests they do for someone having an asthma attack, but the odd thing was, nothing was showing up. Her coloring was bad, almost a strange gray color, and she clearly was in distress from not being able to breathe, but even her oxygen levels were within a normal range. They gave her some antibiotics and sent us home. Over the next week, we were either at the doctors office or in the ER because she just kept getting worse. They took xrays, added in steroids and still nothing helped. Her pain was increasing and she felt as if “she were trying to breathe through a blanket”. So, we went back to the emergency room one more time. During this week, I had been on the internet whenever we were not at the doctors, and I began to suspect the gardasil vaccine. I told the ER doc of my suspicions and realizing what Holly had been through that week, he left the room to do his own research. Before long,  he returned and ordered blood drawn from Holly. It was only a matter of minutes before he was back and said he thought Holly had a blood clot in her lung, BECAUSE OF GARDASIL. They took her down for a CT Scan, where they realized it was not a blood clot, but instead was pericarditis, which is swelling and inflammation around the heart, also caused by gardasil. They took her to ICU where she continued to deteriorate. However, before she was taken upstairs, the doctor told us had Holly not  been taking motrin for shin splints, she probably would not still be alive.

You see, up until this point, my daughter had been a normal happy active teenager. In fact, she was used to running six to ten miles a day, and so loved her sport that she had just days before this ordeal began, came back from her last meet. She was so talented, she was competing at the state level, had set several school records, was being recruited by numerous colleges and was ranked as one of the best in the state. Now, here she was unable to walk across the room. She was weak, dizzy, severely fatigued, still unable to breathe, still having chest pains, and begining to have leg tremors. She stayed in ICU for a couple days and then sent her home, still in basically the same shape, the fluid was gone, but the pain and breathing issues had not.

Over the next few weeks, Holly slept in my room, too weak to make it up the stairs, and for my peace of mind, I was afraid she would die during the night, as other girls affected by the gardasil vaccine had. Then finally, about 6 weeks after the one and only shot, she slowly started to feel a little better, but by this point, she was also having stomach pains, head pressure, chest pressure, loss of appetite, brain fog, strange rashes and swelling and the list goes on and on. She would start to feel better for a couple days, making tiny improvements and then for two weeks, or longer would feel worse again. The weakness and fatigue never leaving her. The girl that just weeks early was a happy, healthy teenager, looking forward to her senior year of high school was now unable to get off of the couch. She spent her days going to the doctor, instead of hanging out with her friends and doing what she loved, running. She needed help walking to the bathroom, sometimes the pain was so intense she would have to sleep (and I use that term loosely) sitting up because of the pain.

She was by now having problems with her menstral cycle, they were very heavy and extremely painful. The headaches were getting worse, as well. A few times, she lost vision, and couldn’t see anything. By this time, it was August and time to go back to school. She was insistant, and wanted to go. This was afterall, her senior year. So she made the attempt, she even made the attempt to run. However, they were short lived, during her one and only race since gardasil, the chest pains were so bad and she was so weak, she had to have help off the track. It was then that the doctors recommended we take her out of school. She was devasted. It was also then that Holly’s autoimmune system began going haywire. The doctor’s said he had never seen results like Holly’s. That is until he ran the same tests on another girl, having the same problems as my Holly. Another girl who had also had the gardasil vaccine.

However, it was also then that we began seeing a Naturopath, who began to detox Holly. There was almost immediate improvement. One of doctors also added in some immune boosting elements, and soon some of Holly’s symptoms began to disappear, or at least lessen.

It has been 18 months and Holly is still ill. However, she is finally back in school and able to resume some of her activities. I no longer have her sleep in my room every night, for fear she will pass during the night. But she is far from being the normal, healthy active girl she once was. She still is plagued with fatigue, weakness, muscle and joint pains, back pain, severe head aches, brain fog, strange swelling and rashes that come and go, strange itching from no visible cause, her immune system is weakened and every day is a battle. More importantly though, every day is a blessing. While she is not the girl she once was, as Holly has her good days and bad, as she cries because she can’t run, or screams in frustration, and even with all of her pain and problems, we are lucky, because she is still here with me. She is still alive, unlike so many other girls that have gotten the gardasil vaccine, even when things appear hopeless, we are able to cry together, I’m still able to wrap my arms around her and hold her. A lot of mothers aren’t as lucky.

Nicole Goodman (Massachusetts)

Hi my name is Nicole Marie Goodman. I am 18 years old .I believe that the gardasil is the reason for my current state. I could not believe that a vaccine could truly hurt and injure all these innocent girls.

I had no idea about the shot I just heard prevent cervical cancer and I was all for it but never once was I told that it could hurt, paralyze and for some severe reactions unfortunately cause death for and young girls and women. We have to put a stop to this and take the vaccine off the market completely. I would like to share my story with girls who have traveled the same road I have.
My journey begins on one night on I came home from cheerleading practice and I was exhausted and had later on that night. so I decided to take a quick cat nap to rest up for my fun night, I was with my friend and we were home alone at the time my mother and siblings were at the ymca. I started slowly waking up from my nap still have asleep. until I really woke up to the most excruciating pain in my right calf. I told my friend and she tried to see if she could message it an rub it out thinking it was a simple muscle cramp. so after she did that the pain just started excluding until I suddenly found myself in the worst pain with tears streaming down my face .so I turned to my friend and asked her to call my mother and tell her to come home. my mother came home and asked me what had happened so I told her so after telling her what had happened she suggest that I try icy hot which unfortunately made the pain worst. So after an hour my mother and I decided we should go to the emergency room to get it checked out. we arrived at the e.r. and they put a shot in my muscle relax cent directly into my calf muscle using a syringe and told me to sit patiently for about an hour to see if it would respond to the muscle cramp. it did not so I was discharged and sent home with narcotics was told to follow up with my primary .so I went on two months living on narcotics because that was the only way I did not find myself in pain. so about a month went on feeling just fine until my right calf again to twitch so I was sent to an orthopedic which then told me I could have a possible tumor in my head .so on April first I was admitted to children’s hospital. Were I was cleared for my brain. I stayed in children for a week ran test and nothing acute showed up was diagnosed with kinetic movement disorder. Then I was sent to get an afo made from nopco. Which was around may when I was fitted for that and went to the nopco clinical. on april fourth I had my first episode .i felt perfectly fine that night I was cleaning my room and all I remember doing was getting up to go to the bathroom and apparently did not make it there. my mother heard the big bang and had my sister go see where it came from my sister go see where it came from my sister checked every room just when she thought she was done she remembered she forgot my room. so she opened the door and there she found me past out on the floor my mother came running in and called 911 after calling the paramedics arrived in a matter of five minutes and transferred me to Tobey hospital in Wareham. There I came conscious but was still lethargic and still out of it. at Tobey they did multiple tests and blood work after those test were done .they deci8ded to transport me to mass general hospital. when I arrived at M .G.H. more tests were done and was admitted to the hospital for a week .i was then discharged to go home on crutches and was told to follow up with pt ant ot and see my primary doctor. Then in October found myself back into the er with chronic abdomen pain and persistent vomiting and unexplained weight loss. then I was admitted for gi problems and they’re impression was that I had an anomaly in small bowel series. they ran test again also such as mri ekg eeg emg iv fluids and lab work .when testing came back I had an abnormality on my ekg and was placed in the icu for my heart. all had a cope done to see how much acid was in my stomach along with checking for a possible ulcer .after all the gi tests I found myself right back in the er in both hospitals with more gi problems. the doctors could never actually find a cause for my gi problems nor my drastic weight lost. the symptoms just slowly started to drift away. then I was sent to pt and ot again to be fitted to a kfo because the tremor was progressing . and on my fifth I had another fainting episodes .i was perfectly fine driving back from night school I pulled in my drive way and all I remember was shutting the door to my jeep. I blacked out completely and I walked up my stairs and there I collapsed again. Wasn’t as bad as last episode in October though. so from my house I was transferred to Tobey to be checked out then transferred to MGH to be evaluated by the neurology team. where there I dealt with ignorant doctors telling me it was in my head. so I was sent home in the wheel chair not mobile. I was home extremely weak for a week and then a week later found myself hard as a rock with tone throughout my legs. weeks went on till I was sent to a physiatrist were he told me it is defiantly dystonia and begged me to give children’s hospital a second chance ,more like a thousand. so I arrive at children’s and got admitted and have more tests repeated and a baclofen pump trial. the trial was done and got positive results out of it. I was told I would be getting the surgery until two hours later when they came in specifically told me it worked and could pe a possible step to recovery. later that day my parents and I had a team meeting with the neurology team and they told me the reason why they put the trial aside because they were convinced it was conversion disorder. So after hearing that it was in my head for the second time I demanded to be discharged that night. there I went home saw the physiatrist and he told me he would get that pump in me .so I recently just had another trial done and once again had positive outcomes from it. While my diagnosis was conversion disorder no one wanted to touch me with a ten foot pole. So my tone progressed and spread to my bladder and arm. Now I am cathing myself and wearing a sling on my left arm because of the tone and pain .That is my current were I stand right now
I would like to thank everyone that took the time to read my story to all the gardasil girls out there we will make it through this and find a cure. and for any parents or girls that would like to ask questions about my story or symptoms you can email me at or if you’re a member of face book you can friend request me .
Thanks again
Nikki (Nicole Goodman)


felFelicia Beaumont ( Nunawading, Australia )

(Please excuse my Aussie spelling)

My problems started a few days after my first Gardasil shot; though I didn’t connect them to it as I’ve never had an adverse reaction to [or been allergic to] anything in my life. My symptoms include skin problems, twitching, muscle cramps and stiffness, muscle weakness, ice pick headaches, brain fog and concentration problems, as well as trouble with spelling and finding the right word. It took me three weeks to think of the word ‘compromise’ (I could have looked it up, but I wanted to see how long it took me). I was so tired for the 8 weeks after the first shot; it was like the life was sucked out of me. Walking [for about 10 minutes] made me light headed and nauseous. I also have severe cramping in my pelvic area and hot flashes.

As I hadn’t connected the problems with the first shot, I received the second shot 1 month later. This made things much worse.

So, the skin problems: my face, neck, chest, and [top of] back and my scalp line were covered in small, painful, but very noticeable yellow boils (which turned bright red once popped). The only way I could get rid of them was to pull the hair follicle out of the middle of it. This meant I had to wax my face (being my cheeks, nose, forehead, etc., etc., not a normal occurrence for me), squeeze the pus and body fluid out and disinfecting myself. They were so bad that, once popped, my white blood cells (yellow body fluid) would leak out my face. My white blood cells went screaming to my face to help heal it, but they failed.
Six months after the first shot, I figured out that my skin problems were linked to another medication I was taking before, during and after the vaccine [called Reductil – a diet pill]. I had no problems while I was on it before I received Gardasil. I had to cover the affected areas in an anti-dandruff shampoo [called Selsun] for 15 minutes, it helped, my skin has healed and I no longer feel the need to scratch my face off. I had gone off of Reductil for a month and noticed my skin had begun clearing up. Once I started it again, the boils and the urge to scratch my face off came back. I decided myself to stop taking my diet pill, think it was a wise idea.

Seven months later, I still twitch (mostly my head, fingers and random muscles); have brain fog, concentration problems and difficulty finding the right word, as well as muscle cramps and stiffness. My pelvic pain has been attributed to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), diagnosed with an internal ultrasound.

I’d always had “period pain” whilst on my pill (have been on it for years to control pimples), but once I had the vaccine the pain was 10 times worse and very debilitating. Having to stop at work to concentrate on your breathing to make the pain go away is not easy or comfortable. Especially when your colleagues are staring at you because you look like a ripe tomato after you’re done.

My GP had prescribed me an anti-inflammatory called Diclofenac (Voltaren in a pill), to help with my pelvic pain (even though I was already taking a different anti-inflammatory called Celebrex for my knee problem, which I wasn’t allowed to take concurrently with Diclofenac). It took 90 minutes to kick in and even then it didn’t last long enough. My GP sighs and changes the subject when I blame the vaccine.

In the last month I’ve visited a Gynaecologist, who reacts in a similar to my GP when I mention the vaccine (the only person that went “oh, really?” when I mentioned the vaccine, was the Specialist Women’s Ultrasound Doctor whom I saw two weeks ago). She has put me on a high oestrogen and progesterone pill which, so far, has miraculously helped with my pelvic pain, but not obliterated it.

When I say ‘pelvic pain’, I’m not talking about that regular, dull ache and occasional sharp stab. My pain was cervical dilation pain and a pain sort of like someone was squeezing my ovaries and my uterus as well as giving them their own personal Chinese Burn (you know, when someone grabs your forearm and twists each hand in a different direction?). Sometimes it’s one at a time, most times it’s simultaneous. Even having a very high pain threshold, dealing with this pain, intermittently, 2-3 weeks out of every month (for 7 months) makes you a frustrated and irritable person.

There is also something “wrong” with my cervix. I write it like that as two pap smears in a month have shown my cervix to be normal. Me on the other hand (no pun intended), I can feel a small, hard bump on it that wasn’t there before.

I have also noticed that I have acquired quite a few freckles. As I don’t frequent the sunshine for long periods of time [because of 2nd and 3rd degree sunburn I received 2 years earlier], this is strange. They’re on my face, abdomen and arms….so far.

Oh, and the areas of my skin that have tattoos swell and itch when it’s warm.

I do consider myself to be one of the “lucky” Gardasil victims, considering most girls are suffering so much worse than I. I’m researching the best I can, ladies, so if you’re comfortable letting me know all your symptoms and want some help with research, do not hesitate to let me know.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.P.S. – I guarantee you there’s something I’ve left out. Good ol’ brain fog.


Jade  ( Adelaide, Australia )

“I am well outside your area, from Adelaide, Australia in fact.”
“I am the grandparent of a beautiful young 16 year old girl, who has over the past 18 months had to go through a complete life style change. The complete story is quite long and emotional but I will keep it as brief as I can.”

“It all started in May 2007, about a week after her Gardasil injection was given to her, she started getting severe lower abdomen pain on the right hand side, it was tolerated for a week or so then she was hospitalised.  No cause was found, however they decided to remove her appendix.  She was no sooner released from hospital when she started getting severe lower back pain and paralysis of the legs.  She was once again hospitalised and treated for pain management, this time her stay in hospital was 6 weeks being released just before her 15th birthday in September 2007. She was advised to get her second Gardasil injection, which she did and within 2 hours she had paralysis of the legs, just gave out on her while she was walking along.”

“During the last twelve months, she has had continual back pain which starts at the lower back and moves up her spine to her neck.  She has lost the use of her legs on many occasions, but the feeling usually comes back after a night’s rest. She has suffered severe body spasms of which she has had absolutely no control, as well as chest pain and breathing difficulty”.

“About five weeks ago, one day after her 16th birthday she was taken to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital here in Adelaide and was once again admitted.  At this point she had no use of her arms, legs and was unable to move her neck.”

“Thank you for reading my plea, both her parents and grandparents are being told by the system that they do not know what is happening, how scary is this?  Since September 2008 Jade has regained the use of her upper body but still cannot use her legs.  She is still in the hospital in Adelaide, Australia.”
UPDATE 01/01/09:  I have good news and not bad news but not good at the same time. Jade was able to go home for Christmas.  This is the good news and now for the not so bad news Jade is on medication for the extreme pain, nerve problems and is still unable to use her legs.  I was told that the doctors planned to have her better by Christmas.  No medical reason was given for her discharge except it was Christmas.

Chescia Kimberley Tunley  ( Sydney, Australia )
Our daughter’s nightmare following the first and subsequent Gardasil vaccinations – April to September 2009

On Tuesday 28 April 2009, our daughter visited her GP’s rooms in order to have cold symptoms checked – temperatures, congestion etc.  Whilst there her GP asked whether she had the Cervical Cancer vaccinations, to which she replied that she hadn’t due to being absent from school (being chronically fatigued to the point where we had to withdraw her officially from year 12 in 2008).  As the free vaccinations were due to cease as of 30 June 2009, her GP
suggested our daughter commence the immunisation programme, and she therefore had her first vaccination. Her arm was rather sore and she got an immediate headache.

She was asked to come back in a month to have the second vaccination.

On Tuesday 26 May she again visited her GP and had a second Cervical Cancer vaccination. Upon leaving the surgery she almost fainted on the street and over the next few days experienced painful headaches, hot and cold temperatures, she vomited a couple of times, blacked out momentarily, and had stomach pains.  She also started drinking large quantities of water which didn’t quench her thirst.  Over the next three weeks she progressively felt more unwell with headaches, fatigue and experienced cold symptoms, ie congestion, cough, muscle aches and a sore throat.

Since then she has suffered seizures, which were described as “panic” attacks, respiratory issues, leg, arm and facial tremors, she had periods of great thirst, she could not sleep, leg collapses, fainting and more.  She was attended by paramedics on 10 to 12 occasions and taken to hospital emergency on 7 to 8 occasions.  She has seen 3 GP’s, 3 neurologists, 1 psychiatrist, and a myriad of other medical specialists.  Almost all dismissed her symptoms as anxiety related.  No one could explain, however, how a 19 year old girl about to go on a 3 month overseas holiday would be anxious.  God bless the open minded medical profession!

A TV program on Gardasil and adverse reactions gave an insight into probable cause and since them we have been able to track it all back to the 2nd dose of Gardasil.  My daughter is in a leading Sydney hospital under the care of a top immunologist and neurologist and both state that in their opinion it is likely that she has POTS syndrome or POTS syndrome type symptoms brought on by Gardasil. She still has respiratory issues, leg tremors, tachachardia type issues, minor seizures.

An EEG taken 1 month after the 2nd dose of Gardasil showed disrythmia, however the most recent EEG is much better,. But a bit like squeezing a balloon, as soon as you push one bit in, another issue seems to emerge.
She remains in hospital, she walks maybe 150 metres a day and that exhausts her and we remain hopeful that over time she will get better. To date we have resisted using medication.
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  1. I have also been dealing with these seizure’s. And like these other girls, I haven’t been able to participate in some of the activities that I love most. A couple months ago I was supposed to go on a missions trip to Costa Rica, and then couldn’t because I was still having problems. And just recently I had to quit my highschool softball team. My dad is a pastor, and he is always telling me that God is writing my life story. And even though this chapter is awful, there’s a reason. I have been through every test imaginable. I have had more blood taken than any teenager ever should. But I always felt like there was no point. I hate what I am going through and I am extremely upset that the FDA didn’t look more into the vaccination. I extremely urge that mothers do not allow their daughters’ to get this vaccination until this is all cleared up. No one should have to go through what I, along with thousands of other teenage girls, are going through

  2. Taylor, thank you so much for posting this. I am so sorry about everything you have been through. I have heard similiar stories from numerous girls, and many also having to stop doing the things they love, my daughter included. you are so right that no one should have to go through this, and again I am so sorry that you are.

  3. Hey there. I’m a 18 years olf french girl. (sorry for my poor english)

    First of all thank a lot for creating this website and answering some of my questions throught it. I read all thoses stories with care and I wish from the bottom of my heart that thoses girls can go back to their previous and healthy life of teenager.

    Sorry but I feel the urge of sharing now my (brief) story.
    I’m in so much despair since I took this vaccine. Muscles pain and fatigue don’t leave me one bit. My articulations hurt a lot too. I’m not able to leave the bed and i’m still tired after sleeping 13hours in a row. So I just stay like this often in gaze. And it has only been 10 days since I did the FIRST shot. Of course, there’s NO WAY that I would get the second and third ones. I’m worried to death and there’s nobody to talk to. My mum thinks that it’s because I’ve been really busy lately and my dad think that i’m being depressiv. My blood results came back normal and i’m going to see a neurologist soon. I’m afraid. My life, that haven’t even started yet, is it already ruined ?

    I’m praying for all thoses families that suffers like hell. I’m feeling disgusted of this world, of this FUCKING run for profits. I’m just tired and I’m sorry for bothering you guys. It’s just that I feel like being the only one injuried by this vaccine in my country. All of my friends got it and feel perfectly fine. So Why is it me? Why did it choose me ? Maybe i’m just overreacting and maybe i’m hurting feelings by complaining like a crybaby but it’s just too hard to face alone.

    Please, someone to reassure me. I beg. It can’t go on like this.

    We have to put an end to this nightmare. I will do my best to spread the word.
    Once again THANKS, i feel kind of relieved by saying all theses.

  4. Hello Léna,

    I am Laura’s mother. For a few months we have been checking all sites related to Gardasil to discover other French girls affected by Gardasil. My daughter has become epileptic following the 2nd shot of Gardasil. Fortunately, thanks to the American sites, we were able to make a relation with the vaccine since in France silence prevails. As you can imagine we were very worried at the beginning because we knew nothing about epilepsy and grand seizures are quite impressive. We consulted a neurologist and she is now under medication. At first, it did not work and it even made her sick. Her life was really disturbed. Fortunately, it is now under control and she is living normally. But we are furious for as you know there is a very aggressive compaign in France and the vaccine was recommended by her physician although she was not keen on it.Had we known there were secondary effects and that the benefits of this vaccine were incertain she would never have been vaccinated. Could you please contact my daughter at her mail address. You could talk and maybe see how French girls could be informed of Gardasil side effects. I hope you will get better. Maybe you can try and see an homéopathe, if you know a reliable one. It can help.

    Laura’s mum

  5. Hello Laura’s mum

    I’m glad to hear that your daughter condition is all better even though she, in the first place, shouldn’t have had to go through this.

    I was surprise too when I found nothing about french girls having side effect to this vaccine. Thank god I ended up on americans sites and I was able to make the link.
    Yes there’s really an agressive compaign in France especially the commercial on TV. Trying to make parents feel guilty by not vaccinating their daughter. I went to see 3 doctors, the three of them advised me for my sake to do the HPV vaccine. I never heard anything about side effects. As you said ” Silence prevails” (as always) in France.

    I would be happy to contact your daughter at her mail address and discuss this matter with her but where can I find it please ? Is she on facebook ?

    ps :I’m doing better now, just went to the neurologist yesterday. He didn’t find anything abnormal. But told me that this vaccine had obviously done something to my body. So I still have muscles (especially arms) weakness and pain and I don’t know what to do about that.

  6. Does anyone here know of a website where people can publish their vaccine injury from other vaccines? I’m 28 male and was disabled by the flu shot. I worry people may just think it’s Gardasil that’s bad (and doesn’t even work), when really it’s all vaccines. I’ve talked to so many people that have been crippled by the DPT vaccine, tetanus, vaccines they were told they needed to travel (even though you don’t), and all the others. It’s terrible how this profit based con game called vaccines has taken ahold of our entire society.

    Lena I understand too, my regular bloodwork was fine, doctors just told me I was crazy or depressed or making things up, and my parents may have halfway believed them at first. However there is bloodwork of ours that will be messed up. If you get heavy metal challenge testing done (not blood testing) or get methylation cycle testing done then those are usually some of the central things that will show a problem. There are tons of other blood levels that can be checked and will be off as well, but all doctors ever look at is the standard blood panel which doesn’t include much at all and it is almost always fine.

  7. Hello Léna,

    Sorry for replying so late, we were away for a week. Here is Laura’s mail address : It will be easier to exchange in French. Laura is back next week. I am glad to hear you are better.


    Laura’s mum

  8. Hi Keith,

    I don’t know of a website, but I can add a page on this one for stories of others injured by vaccines. What do you think?

  9. Hi, I¨m from Brasil, and I got my first gardasil shot one month ago, I have many problems, headeche, lake of sensibility on all body, my face too, dehydration, many other things. It¨s terrible. My eye is dry. Can someone help me about this, my eye is very dry and I don¨t no what I can do.I ¨m waiting some ansewer help. Thanks and congratulations about this site. Sorry about the english.

  10. Hi Marian, that might work well. Maybe it would work better to have a different domain name covering all vaccines that would link to this one.

    Ju, I can suggest that you start taking malic acid or magnesium malate with every meal. Avoid all aluminum in lotions, food, and medicines. Take a balanced blend of minerals supplement. And I’d also say take folinic acid (not folic acid) and vitamin B12. Make sure you get the magnesium malate though, I’d say it’s the most important.

  11. Did you get the emails with the information regarding this? I am so sorry about all that you are experiencing. How are your headaches?

  12. Hi Keith,

    I have a lot in the works, but that part is not up and running yet. Lol,there’s a lot I can’t make public yet. :) But I figured it would be good to go ahead and start posting them. Do you already have something written? Thanks so much for all your help!

  13. Marian, just read your post about having a lot you can’t make public yet, are you referring to finds of the HPV Gardasil? I am just curious, I posted recently under Truth About Gardasil Makes Headlines regarding my daughter; there has been absolutely no media coverage regarding this in our area and I am wondering why although I am pretty sure why you are welcome to e-mail me if need be; I would like to discuss our situation if you have time. Theresa E

  14. Unfortunately the sad reality appears to be that this vaccine(as well as all vaccines)is a population control tool. It contains polysorbate 80, which has been clinically proven to cause sterlization in rats. It also contains sodium borate, which is the main ingredient in roach killer (note a documented side effect of Gardasil is sudden collapes-this is also a side effect of sodium borate).
    The grand illusion of the US being the “land of the free” is just that-an illusion. Can we really be considered free when we are forced (if we want our children to attend public schools, college)to inject our babies with toxic vaccine after vaccine? Why is it that unvaccinated children are so much healthier and rarely have ear infections? Our “hellthcare” is MAKING US CHRONICALLY ILL and appears to be a tool of the ruling elite to keep us dumbed down, on toxic prescription drugs,and dying sooner; while making physicians and pharmaceutical companies rich. Doctors are brainwashed in med school to diagnose and prescribe drugs. We are brainwashed into believing that doctors know the best way to keep us healthy. This “hellthcare reform bill” merely forces everyone to purchase a lousy, overpriced insurance product from the corrupt and greedy hellthcare industry. NO DISEASE PREVENTION, its all about screening, diagnosing, and prescribing drugs that alleviate one symptom, yet cause many more. Sadly, this reform bill includes the wording “MANDATORY VACCINES”, although it does not list the required shots.
    Gardasil appears to be a SALE, that your doctor, a med school-trained drug-pusher salesman, will try to sell you in order to make a profit and retire sooner. This doctor profits not only from the vaccine sales themselves, but from the subsequent sick visits as well.

  15. It sounds like Gardasil causes EVERY MEDICAL SYMPTOM a young woman may experience!

  16. Gardasil can cause every single symptom that is listed on the insert that comes with each vial of this vaccine, and guess what? Those are all listed here. Sounds like a lot huh? You should try living with it! What these people go through is heartbreaking and should be illegal!

  17. My God, the horror! I have not been affected personally by Gardasil but I still feel like a victim because there is no end to the madness. My God, the humanity! The pharmaceuticals push their vaccines all for money and support their agenda by political means. Does Rick Perry ring a bell? And Bill Gates, he’s promoting population control, peddling vaccines. It is so heartbreaking reading these stories, I am in tears, my heart aches for each victim.

  18. Omg, i can’t believe i was just about to take a shot of this poisonous medecine. I’m so sorry about the pepople who died and their parent and relatives.. but thank of you all that you shared and you stopped me from taking one !

  19. L-histidine is a precursor to Histamin in the Gardasil Vaccine.The increased histamin levels are responsible for the
    itching and burning of the skin.Big pHarma generates sickness and new diseases.Shame on Merck for fast-tracking this useless aluminum adjuvant containing toxic vaccine.

  20. Hi, I´m Nathalia Im 28 years old, here in Colombia the Gardasil is being taking for all children and woman, I was one of them and after 2 shots, I´ve felt so sick, I´m so sad ´cause it is impossible something you believe is good for your health finally just hurt you I pry God help us not to have worst consequences and I´d like you to help me how can I to demand Merck to stop it, also if you know some kind of food that help us to destroy bad consequences I hope you read it and can answer me than you

  21. Wow i cant believe im reading this , the nerologist really had me thinking i was nuts for a minute, after my second hpv shot i immediately seized an been getting them ever since and headaches are unbearable does this ever stop? Where do i go next?

  22. Has anyone experienced extreme hair loss after the Gardasil shot? If so, has it stopped or has a doctor been able to help you?

  23. I am 23yr old male victim to gardisil got my shot feb 11 2014 and now i am having body aches,muscle aches,bone pain my lymph count is low as well as my mpv count and my ph level in my blood is in critical condition. im really scared since gardisil can cause getting luekemia such as hodgkin disease from this shot going to my doctor to run more tests. i get hot flashes since i can feel my body tryingvto fight it off. pain all over my body and all i wanted to do is protect my self from a std. i hope god takes me soon my body hurts.i except my decision but for men please do not take it. I poisoned myself to my own fault and might be leaving my 4 year old kid due to this tragic issue.

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