** New York is trying to take away parental rights! Please help!! **

New York legislators are trying to pass legislation that will affect your parental rights! They have written a bill -that has passed the Health Committee- that would take parents out of their child’s healthcare decisions. The way the bill is written, it says that ANY minor would have access to treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, including access to the HepB and Gardasil vaccines – without a parent’s consent. This could be extremely dangerous! First, how many children know their medical history? What if they have already gotten one injection of Gardasil, and had a reaction to it? What if they already completed the series? The “what if’s” are endless!

Because of this – we need your help! There are several different things you can do. Please contact the people below and let them know you oppose this bill! Also, if you are in the New York – or are able to get there – a group of people affected by Gardasil will be making the trip to Albany this coming Monday, May 6, 2013 and would love to have more supporters join us! If you can’t make it, please send me a picture of the person affected, or even just their name so we can include them in the packet of information that will be handed out.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. moderator@truthaboutgardasil.org or through facebook at Marian Hollandsworth Greene or https://www.facebook.com/StopNysAttackOnParentalRights?fref=ts

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