If You Have Been Injured…

Did you get an HPV vaccine and are now feeling ill? Have you developed some of the side effects that have been identified as part of “Gardasil Syndrome”?

One of your first steps should be to contact VAERS, which stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. There are three ways to file, online, by mail and by fax. If you follow the link, it will also provide a phone number if you have any questions. It is imperative that the reaction is reported. *Your doctor should also report the reaction, but this is something you can, and should do, as well*. http://vaers.hhs.gov/esub/index  You will be given an ID number, keep this in your records, and check back to make sure the information is accurate. You can, and should update the report with any new diagnosis, or new health ailments.

Secondly, and this is something that will be useful in your report to VAERS, is to get the lot number(s) of the shots given. This information is held by the administering physician, and it is in your rights to have access to these lot numbers. Also, request a copy of any and all medical records, as well as lab results. If you think you or your daughter has had a reaction to gardasil, we suggest writing down a timeline of progression.Include, when the vaccine was given, when the symptoms started,  how they presented, and progressed,  making sure to include any trips to the doctor or hospital, and recommendations made by the physician. What medications have been prescribed? Have you been referred to a specialist? Write down anything and everything, whether you feel it is important or not, because you never know what information will be needed by the next physician.

This next step is to change the diet. Now, we are not doctors, but have been through this with our daughters and have seen the changes that can happen. Many of the gardasil girls have seen varying degrees of success with this, some have seen remarkable changes, and others have seen slight to little improvement. However, this is a diet that can benefit the entire family, not just our gardasil girls. Start by eliminating all refined sugar, preservatives, additives, chemicals ( such as high fructose corn syrup, etc ) , and eating fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Organic is best, but if you can not afford that, or it’s not available, make sure to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables. Second to this, is buying frozen organic fruits and vegetables. Refined sugar has been shown to lower the immune system, so this is very important. It’s not easy, but can be very beneficial. Drink a lot of water, and then drink some more. However, not just any water. It needs to be processed by reverse osmosis. There are a few different brands to choose from, but do not buy any with fluoride added in. Begin reading labels! Know what you’re eating and drinking!  Even if it’s a product you have bought for years, read the labels. Chemicals such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, etc are in so many different items, if it’s a word that is hard to pronounce, it’s probably best to stay away from it. Also, some girls have success with a “gluten – free” diet.

Vitamins are essential.  ( Now again, we aren’t doctors, so check with them first before adding these in and verify at what dosage. ) 

B vitamins –  a liquid sub lingual ( under the tongue ) seems to work best. B12, and a Super B complex.

D3 – we have gotten varying advice from doctors, but have heard anywhere from a dosage of 1200 IU to 5000 IU. So, again, make sure you ask your doctor.

Vitamin C – there are many forms of this: tablets, packets of powder, or even lozenges.

Omega 3 / Fish Oil – either in your diet or in gel / vitamin form

Oil of Oreganol ( not oregano ) – sold in liquid  / dropper form

Also, ask about niacin, potassium and probiotics.

Lastly, rid your home of chemicals. Including in those daily items you use, such as shampoo, anti-persperant, toothpaste, cleaning products. There are dangerous toxins in all of these. Switch to an aluminum free deodorant, use organic cleansers , etc so as not to introduce more chemicals into an already weakened body and immune system.

As always, we would love to hear from you if you have found any other information that may be useful to these girls. Thank you!

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  1. Well done for creating this site – I’ve sent it to a TV show in the hopes to get the word out, more, to women and now men.
    Below is the Australian version of VAERS (if you could publish it on here) – it took me a very long time to find it after I had all of my problems with the vaccine, because no doctors informed me of where to report.

    Many Thanks

  2. Great work at getting this site up to help parents and kids with vaccine injuries to Gardasil.

    The Canadian vaccine reaction form in English: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/im/pdf/hc4229e.pdf
    French: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/im/pdf/hc4229f.pdf

    Thank you everyone. Healing, peace, hope, courage, strength and love to you all.

  3. I just waant to say i apreciate all of the parents! Im a gardisil girl and Im thankful there are people out there trying their best to help us. =)

  4. My daughter experienced a severe vaccine reaction to her routine childhood shots. It was devestating as a parent to watch my previously healthy baby tranform drastically just 30 minutes after the shots. My sympathies go out to all parents who sign their children up for vaccines to protect them only to find the vaccine did more harm than good.

    Unfortunately for us all, there is no one-size-fits-all medicine or vaccine. The FDA needs to do a better job of figuring out who’s likely to react and ensuring exemptions are exercised often instead of just the opposite stating vaccines are safe and effective for all (except the miniscule percentage they say have reactions – strange how when reactions do occur they deny and dismiss them though so how do they really know what the rate of adverse events really is…it’s all very disturbing.

  5. I am now EXTREAMLY concerned as my daughter just recieved her third and final shot of the HPV series today. I was not even told that there was a possible problem with the vaccine and was never made aware of same to this point. I didn’t even know these girls had had such problems! My daughter is only 12! She has been experiencing unexplained stomach pain for the last year. How do I find out if this is the problem. Can they even diagnos it as such?

  6. My 17 year old daughter lost her memory days after receiving her first Gardasil shot. I did not connect the two until just now. She’s been to emergency rooms, her regular physician, neurologists, psychiatrists and a therapist. No one has ever mentioned anything about vaccines that she may have had prior to this incident. This has turned our world upside down! Imagine the struggle for an excellent student in her junior year of high school who all of the sudden cannot remember her summer reading, what she does in Algebra II on a daily basis, and cannot even remember where her classes are or where she sits when she gets in there? We’ve even been having her go to therapy for stress because a well reknown psychiatrist thought she had a stress induced memory loss. After 6 month of therapy not helping with the memory loss, even her therapist and psychiatrist are thinking they were wrong in their diagnosis. There are other symptoms too, but the memory loss has been the hardest on her.
    Send any info you can on the relation of Gardasil and memory loss.

  7. Wow, all of this is so enlightening. For over a year now, my daughter has had extreme stomach pain, she went to doctor, and they tried the antacids etc…finally I told the doctor, this girl just got an appointment at a military academy and is leaving in a few months. So they set her up with a GI specialist, and he started with the antacids theory. I told him, no, she is leaving in a couple months, we need to get to the bottom of this. He agreed, and set her up with over 10 diffrent tests to check everything possible in the stomach system. Along with the stomach problems, she was having major headaches, fatigue, constant nausea where she couldnt eat. All the tests came back negative. Thus last week we sent her to the academy..she is on her way home, too sick to make it. HELP

  8. All these steps my mother and I had to develop and learn on our own it is soooo goood to see that people are working on putting the information out there for others. Very good job, site bookmarked and saved and will be linked to whenever I can.

  9. hola,soy madre de una niña afectada en España.Quiero haceros llegar todo mi apoyo y toda mi fuerza para que sigamos luchando por nuestras hijas.un abraxo a todos desde España.

  10. My daughter had the three gardasil injections when she was 17. Six months later she began to have most of the symptoms mentioned in the forum. She was eventually diagnosed with Addison’s Disease (adrenal gland failure). This is quite rare and, until seeing this site, I did not connect her illness to Gardasil, though the doctors treating her were aware of her vaccination history. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this or other autoimmune diseases after Gardasil?

  11. My daughter Jill was in Graduate school when she took her third Gardasil vaccination. Three years later, Jill is unable to talk, eats through a feeding tube and cannot move her arms and legs. The hospital diagnosed Jill with a very rare brain disease with no treatment options

  12. Our daughter started having siezures after the second gardasil shot!She has never had any health problems before this. She is now on medication for siezures and learning how to deal with them.Our hearts go out to anybody who has had an adverse reaction to this vaccine.Thanks for the web site and thanks for the advice.

  13. Our youngest daughter at age 21 was persuaded by a family physician to receive the Gardisil series of vaccination. Shortly following the third injection she start with severe abdominal pain, intermittent but serious enough that we finally got her to an hospital Emergency Room late one night. The pain had subsided by the time she was seen and they released her (having taken labwork they did not wait for results before they released her). The doctor said she had probably had some gastro bug, but when we arrived home a frantic phone call from the same doctor begged us to get her back to the hospital immediately for admission. Her lab work showed severe acute pancreatitis, potentially fatal. Our daughter does not drink, smoke and her diet is usually very healthy, but their explanation was a bad gall bladder and convinced her to proceed with its removal. I later read of law suits in Australia over the connection between the hpv vaccine and pancreatitis. This was a year and three months ago and we are back at square one with another bout of pancreatitis, no good explanation at this point but the connection to the vaccine is something we need to investigate. To those with severe abdominal pain, vomiting, headaches, please make sure your physician does a check of your blood for emzyme levels close to an episode of your pain, as this is the method to check for pancreatitis. Our heart and prayers to all who are suffering.

  14. My 14 year old daughter, only child, was partially paralyzed after getting gardasil vaccines. She walks with leg braces and is recovering from a 2 year (autoimmune) illness which attacked her nervous system and almost killed her. She was in/out of hosp then had couple surgeries on legs/feet after muscles wasted away and legs became distorted. I did lots of research and sought out all kinds of specialties, physicians/treatments and therapy modalities during the last 2+ years. I even took her to a Chinese herbalist/physician who didn’t speak English. He knew immediately she had been poisoned. When you are told your child may die – You’re desperate and will do whatever it takes to save them. I didn’t save her and the doctors couldn’t. God did, he answered our prayers; she’s still with us and I pray that he’ll continue to heal her. My prayers and thoughts are with all the other young girls and their families.

  15. If you take fish oil, make sure it is from a good company that purifies it of mercury, such as Kirkman or Nordic Naturals.

    Amazing how many of these treatments are like what families use for vaccine-induced autism.

    My heart goes out to all of you and I wish you healing — for your soul if you have lost a loved one, for your body and brain if you are affected by these devestating adverse reactions!

  16. My daughter received a full physical from her doctor in Nov. 2010. Her results were perfect and she was the picture of health. The doctor recommended the Gardasil series and I blindly accepted his recommendation. My daughter received the first shot Dec. 2010 and develped Type I Diabetes in Feb. 2011. I feel so guilty and I thank you for creating this website to warn parents. I should have researched first, but I believed in the safety of vaccinations and always dismissed those who believed vaccines can harm.

  17. My daughter had gone to the doctor today 6/7/12 at 1:30 for a check up and to receive her Tetanus and Menocoucal booster shots. At approx 5:30pm we received a call from the doctor’s office that an error was made and my daughter was given a Gardasil shot instead of Tetanus.

    Right now we are beyond enraged at how this could happen and also terrified about her health. We are seeking advice on what to expect from this shot (especially since we don’t know if the correct dosage was even administered since they thought it was a Tetanus shot).

  18. Five years ago my daughter was given Gardasil and her MMR booster. She was 16 , had been home schooled and was determined to enter grade 11 at a new school. An A+ student at the time.
    After a little we noticed she could not focus and started hearing voices. She ran a low grade fever and a couple weeks later ran a high fever and was hallucinogenic. Since this time she has not studied and periodically runs a low grade fever and has bad episodes.
    She has been diagnosed with Schofrenia.
    Like my husband said this all began with our daughter wanting to attend the Public School in year 2007.
    My Brilliant daughter not only is A+ Student but also been blessed with the ability to paint like a professional.
    The School required that all her shots were updated.
    I spoke with the Doctor & she said that it was OK to have all her shots all in the same day. This is with Kaiser Permante.
    Our daughter was also going through the Hormone change at this time.
    Are you with me so far?. Hormone change, MMR, Hepatitis B, & Gardasil.
    The symptoms started to show through lost of appetite, loss of concentration on her homework & the most obvious is the hearing Voices & What this & that person was saying. She was also frighten with Fear.
    I was told to take her to the nearest Emergency immediately because she had a Fever. We were at the Emergency waiting Room for over 3 Hours sitting & waiting for the ER to see our daughter while her Fever was increasing. The ER finally showed up & asked us what had really happen. We told him that she has a Fever & we were told by the Doctor to take her here. Upon 1/2 hour of talking to us he pulled me to a room & told me that your daughter has Schofrenia. This is before they started the testing. We were also asked if our daughter has done any drugs, & of course we said NO! The ER went away & brought a Security guard to stand at the door to make sure that our daughter is not going to leave the room. About now, Her fever hasn’t been treated & her eyes are dripping.
    Blood Test were taken & she was taken to the Freemont Hospital for 72 hour watch. We were not allowed to see our daughter for 72 Hours & you were only allowed 1 hour visit after that.
    During this 72 Hours watch, The assigned Medical Psychiatrist phone my husband to tell my husband that She needed to medicaid our daughter & she kept on persisting to go higher & higher on the medication.
    Thanks to the Doctor & the ER our Nightmare just elevated.
    We have spent thousands of dollars to find help with the Homopathic Doctor & that wore out.
    We have spent thousands of dollars in Medications & that didn’t work.
    All Medication has their sight effects & all react & cause more harm to her mind.
    We are also spending money on tons of Vitamins & Detox.
    We are also constantly looking for ways to feed her Well & give her the best 24 Hour care around the clock.
    Thanks to this website, My husband found you & someone suggested taking Collostrum & now we are searching for it.
    I can only say from my perspective I have lost fate in Doctors & ER.
    I would never want to run to them for any small issue such as a Fever problem can easily be rectified by taking Tylenol to bring down the temperature.
    Please I beg you Mothers to use your common sense before you run to the Doctor.
    Our daughter just turned 21 this month. Beside her chattering she is still pre occupied, she is still eating. But we still need to remove this Gardasil virus out of her.
    I am trusting God to heal my daughter! I am not done with this story.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    With God All things are possible!

  19. Thank you so much, June, for sharing your daughter’s story! I’m so sorry to hear she has been affected like this. I know how difficult it is to watch your child suffering and not be able to help them. There are a couple suggestions I can make – find a holistic provider – a naturopath, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, etc so that they can help you get her on a good detox regimen. They can also direct you as to what supplements and vitamins would be best for her. There’s a diet change you can make that has also helped many.

    Finally, there are many of us on facebook – from all over the world – everyone is so helpful! It’s a great support group. If you’d like to contact me there – my name is Marian Hollandsworth Greene. If you’re not on facebook – feel free to contact me anytime! We’re here to help!

  20. Oh my gosh, Bill! That’s terrible! How is she doing? How old is she? Please know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers and we are here if you need anything!

    Please feel free to contact me directly on facebook or through the site email address. Hope she is doing well!!

  21. How is she doing now Beth? Better, I hope!

  22. Marian
    Thank you for writing.
    I am not on Facebook.
    I have to run quickly to the Dentist this morning so I have to be quick.
    I have to say that this is a good Website for sharing.
    And I have not explored all the inputs, but I do love to hear from each person’s perspective.
    Talk to you later

  23. My gorgeous daughter received her first injection of Gardasil three months ago. She was a beautiful swimmer attending her first year at high school. Eleven days after her shot she was struck with agonising pain on the right side of her head. She started going numb down the left side of her body. We rushed her to hospital terrified she was having a stroke. We had cat scans, MRI’s, countless blood tests. The doctors said that stress had caused it. They did not know what had happened to her. She hadn’t had a stroke. Three weeks later she still could not stand up without dizziness, headache, fainting, numbness, tingling. I could list many more symptoms. It was an email from my sister in law that made us start to think that my daughter had, had a reaction to her Gardasil injection. With little support from hospital doctors left me looking around. We see an acupuncturist, a doctor/naturopath, physios, psychologist. She takes a bunch of herbs and she keeps trying hard. We had to take her out of school. She now does Distance Education that have teachers “sent from heaven” to get her through her school work. Now we are a little more sorted, we just don’t want to feel alone with this fight. We are from Sydney, Australia and looking for a support group. Can you help us with this please? Thank you for all your stories and help on this website.

  24. Melani
    I have a cousin that lives in Australia.
    I first want to thank you for writing in.
    I am new in this website but I live in California.
    I have been reading the Symptoms that each Mom has written.
    And I came to my own conclusion that you first must not allow anymore injections to take place.
    You have read my write up? I know it sounded like I was rambling, but I wanted to target in on How the Doctors will start telling you & your hubby that she has this & that. I say don’t buy into it.
    They will never admit that the Gardasil is the culprit, because the people that makes the Gardasil will probably put the Doctors out of their practice.
    You are on the right track in your thinking.
    Your daughter is having a reaction to the Vaccination.
    It is not too late to find a Doctor who practice Preventive Medicine- that means that the Doctor has an MD but uses the preventive method to heal.
    I am no expert in this but we found a medical group of Doctor in SF couple of months ago.
    who strictly is educated in the Vaccination causes.
    We brought our daughter in & he immediately identified that our daughter’s problem was dues to the 3 shots that she received in 2007.
    He outlined the Vitamins that she needed & also the Detox plan.
    So you might want to do a research in your area for this type of Doctor.
    His receptionist told me that her daughter had to be vaccinated to go to School & because she works there she was able to ask him to neutralize the Vaccination.
    Start owning a temperature thermometer, a blood pressure pump.
    Feed your daughter good food such as Fresh Fruits, wash them well, give her Salad & feed her Protein.Watch her diet closely now & if she isn’t eating well try to make some Soups from scratch- add very little of no Salt, Stay off the White Sugar & flour.
    Watch her closely & stay Focus.
    Easy for me to say right?
    I am at home with my daughter 24/7.
    My husband & son has to go to work everyday & they help me after they come home.
    Our life is put on hold because of her.
    If she can’t continue don’t worry about it. Stop everything & take good care of her at home till she is well.
    Please don’t get disappointed with her because she isn’t well now.
    Write me to my e-mail malloypeters@yahoo.com

  25. My belief is that homeopathy can help the victims of vaccinations. I have seen that miracles can happen, but it is a long journey. Be prepared it will take years. What is a problem is that the homeopaths are not trained to deal with such severe complications and you will have to finance the long treatmeny yourself as homeopathy is usually not supported by the society. Still I would encourage to try homeopathy because I feel this is the only method that has the potential to cure vaccine caused illness.

  26. It appears many of the girls are being diagnosed with some rare disease. Ones most have no information and little information can be found on. They are all suddenly diagnosed and they are often told it was a preexisting disorder. WHAT I NEED TO KNOW….. Is 1) how many were diagnosed with a rare diseasse? 2) what was the diagnosis? 3) How many of the girls where members of Kaiser?

    My niece is currently hospital have seizures back to back. Though we have suspected Gardasil all along there is not one note in the doctors records either supporting or denying the fact. The doctors also, at one point stated it was psychological but this proved not to be. She has been told she has Dystonia. Yet the symptoms only partially coincide while a very large majority of her symptoms are pointing to Gardasil. She has pain, migraines, twitches, limbs locking, cramping, ovarian cysts, memory loss, bumps under the skin, many hospital visits, depression, anger, stress, and more recently seizures(not epileptic seizures) She has also been put on so many prescription medications she is now immune to nearly every pain medication there is. I was in her room when she was giving her regular dose and when my niece asked the nurse why she was being monitored for 15 minutes after they gave it to her….the nurse stated ” honey if I took the doses you were just given My heart would stop beating.” Mind you this is a 17 yr old girl she is speaking to. What the heck is wrong with the world. Are the corporations so greedy that the care nothing for the lives of children?

  27. I was affected by the Gardasil four years ago, started having symptoms on January 1, 2009–Happy New Year to me, huh? I have gone through a lot of what these other girls have encountered, and I give my prayers out to them all. I also want to let you know about what I did in hopes that if someone is reading this, they may benefit from this…
    I still continue to struggle against some lingering symptoms, such as inflammation in the joints and leg muscles, adrenal fatigue, being a post-menopausal woman at the age of nineteen, and other symptoms. I used to be a lot worst four years ago, with the numerous pains, migraines (including a sixty-day 24/7 migraine), minor seizures, hospital trips, dizziness, loss of appetite, breathing issues, heart palpitations, hormone issues that led to two-thirds of my hair falling out, unable to walk much less in a straight line, depression, nauseating stomach pains, low immune system where I would get sick quickly, fatigue, memory loss, adrenal glands failing, nervous and circulatory system not functioning properly, and so and so forth. You know it is from the Gardasil shot, because we (victims) have the same or similar symptoms…The point is, even with every horrible day I had to go through, and that your daughters may be going through, there is still hope. There were things that had to be done in order to get to this point in my life where I am actually enjoying it and feel as if I am not going to die!
    DETOX! I’m not kidding. You need to get the toxins out of your system immediately. I used an aqua-chi machine, and foot-zoning or reflexology for two years straight, every day or every other day. Diet is also going to be important girls. I know you may want to have all those sugary sweets that we used to have when we were kids…but sugar adds to the inflammation and its not going to benefit you in any way. Depending on each individual, what I did was go on a gluten-free diet, which helped. Large amounts of vitamin B helps level out the serotonin, which contributes to the depression. In addition to this, I went to a naturopathic doctor that helped me discover about my adrenal glands and their close failure. There are tons of books that you can read on adrenal fatigue, and how diet helps you get more energy. I used Xango mangosteen juice–I highly recommend this for any inflammation you are dealing with. Xango also has Eliviv, which helped stop my hair from falling out. Exercise is going to be your new best friend, unless you are at that point where you are sleeping eighteen hours a day and cannot get off the couch and walk to the bathroom. But either way, just try and do some sort of exercise, even if it just walking around the house once or twice, any movement at all. Look to alternatives, not medications and pills from western doctors. I know in our culture the norm is to go to these doctors to get a prescription drug or that miracle pill to help. While western medicine has its place, it is not the right time to be using it at this point in the process. I wish I had an acupuncture session; I have heard it could help. Essential oils work well, eliminating processed foods (yes, even the delicious doritos), eating natural and raw foods (say hello to fruits and vegetables), homeopathic methods or techniques, meditations and positive thinking (I thought this was going to be lame, but it certainly proved me wrong when it started helping me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), vitamins and minerals (taking sodium/salt helped with the adrenals), applying progesterone cream helps with post-menopausal symptoms…This is all I can think of right now. I know there were tons of things I did during those four years that helped me get to this point where I am getting back to being athletic. I am going to Portland at NCNM to become a naturopathic doctor in two years. But for now, I am studying and reading books on nutrition, which I highly recommend, because you can usually find out what you need to do with diet and eating well. Seek a naturopathic doctor or holistic practitioner, who can give some guidance.
    I hope this helps…sorry this was long! I continue to pray for you girls and hope that you do not give up the long journey. There is an end to it, and you can make it!

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